Blue Origin – New Shepard – NS-17 Mission – Launch Site One – Texas – August 26, 2021


New Shepard’s next mission will fly a NASA lunar landing technology demonstration a second time on the exterior of the booster, 18 commercial payloads inside the crew capsule, 11 of which are NASA-supported, and an art installation on the exterior of the capsule.

It is an uncrewed flight.

Liftoff is currently targeted for Thursday, August 26, at 8:35 am CDT / 13:35 UTC / 15:35 CEST from Launch Site One in West Texas. Live launch coverage begins at T-30 minutes before liftoff time.

This will be the 17th New Shepard mission to date, the 4th flight for the program in 2021, and the 8th flight for this particular vehicle, which is dedicated to flying scientific and research payloads to space and back.

To date, New Shepard has flown more than 100 payloads to space across 11 flights.


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