Blue Origin New Shepard NS-16 Mission. Will Bezos Fly To Space?


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Blue Origin wants to show that the company isn’t worse in terms of technology than SpaceX. The race continues, and NS-16 mission is set to be the starting point of the new age when people will agree that Jeff Bezos isn’t only just a businessman who sells things on Amazon, but is a space exploration enthusiast who stands on one level with Elon Musk and NASA. Jeff wants to be the first man to launch a space tourist.

NS-16 mission is planned on July, 2021 and it will be the first crewed mission with some passengers onboard. This will be practically the first space tourism experience. Recently there was an auction and a man won the right for flying to space along with Jeff Bezos for 28 million dollars. So, now we know for sure that Jeff is going to be one of the first tourists in space himself.

In our today’s video we’ll look at the NS-16 mission and tell you what it might be like for those people who will be inside the capsule. Want to get updated on new videos? Subscribe to our channel:

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  1. Thank you and thank you Mr. Shatner for sharing your thoughts and words so eloquently you help me to look at life again and how fragile our world is and giving me hope knowing that my time will come my journey will start by itself I don’t have to rush it.

  2. He had to go up in his own craft, since Richard did with his, just a rebutation thing. Since they both did, it scaled with other companies. They both should make a larger scale craft, slightly economical in tickets, greater in company profit.

  3. Virgin galactic is way better than blue origin spacecraft model it just hurry to keep race in space

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  5. The first tourist ever to space…really? what about the tourists who flew the Soyuz to ISS?

  6. It does not get to "low earth orbit" since ORBIT is NOT the goal. It doesn't have enough power or fuel to reach 17,000mph, the speed needed to achieve any orbit. It is just going to the beginnings of space, but will not be there long.

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