Blue Origin LOST A $2 9 Billion Lawsuit To Build Lunar Lander Against SpaceX


Blue Origin Lost Lawsuit To Of $2.9 Billion Dollar For Lunar Lander To Nasa Against SpaceX.
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The US Court of Federal Claims, has refused an iconic Blue Origin lawsuit, upholding NASA’s decision to give SpaceX, a contract to build a Starship-derived Moon lander.
The particular contents of the ruling are likely a few weeks away.
The decision puts an end to nearly seven months of delays, brought on by Dynetics, and Blue Origin’s protests and lawsuits.
About a week after NASA announced in April 2021, that SpaceX would develop the Human Landing System, H L S, protests were lodged with the U S Government Accountability Office, or GAO.
After both protests were denied in July, Blue Origin decided to go all-in, and file a lawsuit against NASA and SpaceX in August, beginning off a process, that is sure to drag on for months.
Blue Origin, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, has sued NASA over a contract to create a Human Landing System, or H L S, to return men to the Moon by 2024, under the Artemis programme.
NASA awarded SpaceX, a $2.9 billion H L S contract in April, for the development of a lunar-optimized Starship.
The ‘National Team’ of Blue Origin, which comprises Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper, made a proposal for a lunar lander, demanding $5.9 billion to develop it.
Dynetics also submitted a proposal for $9 billion.
Due to budget limits, the agency decided to choose only one proposal.
The space agency’s decision to contract with SpaceX alone, surpassed most expectations, especially when it was revealed that, SpaceX’s Starship proposal was half the price of the next best alternative, while also providing better management and more credible technical knowledge.

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