Blue Origin-Led HLS National Team Mockup

The Blue Origin-led Human Landing System (HLS) National Team – comprised of Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper – delivered an engineering mockup of a crew lander vehicle that could take American astronauts to the Moon. The lander is set up in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF), NASA Johnson Space Center’s (JSC) iconic Building 9. 

The full-scale engineering mockup showcases two elements of the National Team’s multi-element architecture – the Ascent Element (AE) and Descent Element (DE). Standing at more than 40 feet, it is the Blue Origin National Team’s update to Apollo’s Lunar Module (LM) and will be used to validate the National Team’s approaches for getting crew, equipment, supplies, and samples off and on the vehicle. The team will collaborate with NASA organizations including JSC’s Astronaut Office to perform engineering and crew operations tests with astronauts aiming to fly the final system within several years.

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  1. @Blue Origin.
    Give it a rest

    You lost the race, so instead of whining, learn the lessons. The more you fight it in court, the worse it is for your PR. Here's the lesson you should learn.
    Blue Origin was founded slightly before SpaceX. In the time it took you guys to build a sub orbital joy ride, SpaceX pioneered the reusable first stage rocket, they made rocket launches routine (At one point, they were launching once a week!) They build a crew capsule that docked with the ISS more than once, and they've put hundreds of satellites in orbit. Now they're busy pioneering the next generation rocket, which – if successful – would put all other rocket companies out of business. They can build the Lunar Starship with or without funding, and their bid was significantly lower than Blue Origin. Blue Origin can't even deliver rocket engines on time, and is late by several years. SpaceX won on merit. What exactly does Blue Origin have too offer? A deflated balloon and cool looking CGI? Competition does not mean you get a participation trophy for loosing. Why should the tax payer fund a rocket company that – after 10 years – have virtually nothing of substance to show for it?

    The moral of the story is: Stop whining and get to work, you guys have a lot of catching up to do. If Jeff Bezos can blow $500 million on a luxury yacht, then why can't he invest his own fortune into Blue Origin R&D as well? Produce something that is worth while, that actually adds value, like SpaceX, and then maybe, you might start winning contracts. Until then, stop wasting money on frivolous lawsuits, it will be laughed out of the court room because you have no case.

  2. I still can't believe Blue Origin is pushing this piece of crap. Look at that crew compartment! What a joke! Seriously, where do they sleep and work? It's literally just a single cylinder with a diameter of like 6-7 ft. There is literally no room for cargo, EVA suits, etc. Even if starship was not a thing, this would still be a complete joke. This would have been a dope upgrade in 1972, but not now in 2021. Was there seriously not a single person in charge that thought "Maybe we should make this a little bit bigger, more spacious, capable of more cargo, and like half as expensive"? Sooo glad they didn't win the Option A award! I really hope they don't win any of the following contracts!

  3. 00:16 "the system we are going to be sending to the lunar surface in 2024". Spoke to soon, lunar starship go brrrr.

  4. The people being interviewed appear to be very intelligent. How can they possibly think this is a good design especially that absurd ladder.

  5. No amount of spin will change the fact that the cell tower ladder is bullshit. Plenty of other problems with this design too. Hopefully NASA won't cave to the lobby pressure. If so I hope NT has at least implemented lots of revisions.

  6. wow… a mockup wo ho yay so cool…😐
    yeaaaaaaaa no😐
    Youve been around for 20 years and only got 13 SSTOs to suborbital.
    *meanwhile at SpaceX and Boca Chica*

  7. Underpowered,super complex,non reusable,expensive develpment time inching to forever.
    F this s#it,GO SpaceX !!!

  8. If we erect a Parasol in front of Venus, after Centuries the Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Sulfuric acid will sink in the Craters due to the Coldness of Space.

    We can then enter the Planet like the Earth's moon and convert it into a Spaceship to other Stars,

    Because there we have almost the same Force of Gravity as on Earth.

  9. Hey…What happened to this upcoming 'event' that was supposed to be live…? I saw a post for it but now it's gone…

  10. Why isn't this getting like huge news like blue origins youtube channel is like week as hell and I don't know they just don't make as much noise as SpaceX does why is that??? 🤔

  11. Honestly, what do you Think your doing? Your lack of reusability is holding us back in our efforts of exploring the solar system.

  12. And here come the SpaceX fanboys… Y'all hate on anything that doesn't involve Elon, rather immature imo.

  13. As a taxpayer, space enthusiast and Engineer I'm rooting against the National Team HLS. The system is more expendable than reusable. A new descent element and transfer element have to be launched for every trip to the surface. Pretty much fails the "desirement" for reusability. Ingres/Egress is poor. And most maddening is that the National Team got the lion's share of the award to essentially dust off Apollo era blue prints. New paint on 60 year old technology. Dynetics solution is reusable save the drop tanks. It can deliver a rover or even habitats. Ingress/Egress is optimal. And represents a step forward in how we get to/from the lunar surface. It will be a disappointing day if Blue Origin gets any more money to continue this concept.

  14. me at the end of the video: could you be more confusing about what exactly you wanna say!

  15. There’s no danger of blue origin making it there anytime soon. Just more lofty ideas and promises.
    They haven’t actually flown a rocket in over a year. Still no where near commercial space flights.

  16. This looks awful is this really the best you could cone up with, not exactly reusable and that bloody ladder looks lethal lol. Dynetics looks a lot better, safer and reusable, although probaly a initial high cost.

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