Blue Origin launches crew of 6 to suborbital space, nails landings


A Blue Origin New Shepard rocket launched the Coby Cotton, Mário Ferreira, Sara Sabra, Vanessa O’Brien, Clint Kelly III, and Steve Young to suborbital space on Aug. 4, 2022.

Credit: Blue Origin

  1. A magnified carnival ride. Waiting for Blue Origin to do something beyond a "pogo stick" adventure.
    Bezo's mind seem occupied with other "points" of interest.

  2. I dont think they should be called Astronauts . More like passengers and the container should not be called SHIP but Taxi . An astronauts should be able to work in space , get the ship back to Earth or control the ship if something happens where the commander cant . All the controls on this Taxi is done by a computer on the ground and the controls on the Taxi is all done by the computer . A redundant system . But still missing one thing a pilot and manual controls . The Taxi did not go threw what is known as the dead zone or never seen any plasma . This is not really fare to real Astronauts .

  3. Aww….little Jeff almost got a rocket to space. His big brother Elon would be so proud

  4. This is great and all, but they have made a machine that goes 275,000 ft in a straight line without any thing in its way.

  5. Bezos should just turn the POS into an amusement park ride for the elite.. it's not really worth anything more.

  6. Glorified amusement park ride. I’ll pay attention to them when and if they ever put a ship in orbit. Until then it’s an amusement park ride for the very rich.

  7. Blue Origin is sending billionaires to sub-space for thrills, SpaceX is sending research materials to the Moon.

  8. Astronauts? That’s a joke. Waste of money, time, effort, resources and harms the earths atmosphere. Time to shut this down and do real science.

  9. Yet again ….. terrible audio feed from capsule by Blue Origin. WTF is wrong with Blue Origin?????

  10. Bozo is just another snake and oil salesman from the old west. All tip, no iceberg.

  11. i'm sorry, but i cant take blue origin seriously, with that rocket, it just reminds me of what's hiding in my pants LOL.

  12. Eddie Haskell on board…"Wally, were not going to die!!!" And lands, walks around saying "Piece of cake."

  13. Seems to me like they will be fine as local vehicles in a low gravity environment, like the moon.

  14. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. 1969
    It's amazing that with the old rocket technology it came to so much!

  15. Not a nailed landing! Had to steer it manually to to the pad with extra juice as it missed the mark completely. Look at the burn mark just to keep it from crashing down!

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