Blue Origin launched its fourth successful space tourism mission


Blue Origin launched its fourth successful space tourism mission for the New Shepard program Thursday, carrying five passengers and a lead flight director to experience a 10-minute thrill ride.

The passengers are CEO and investor Marty Allen; a real estate company’s CEO Marc Hagle and his wife Sharon; teacher and entrepreneur Jim Kitchen, George Nield, president of Commercial Space Technologies and a former manager with NASA and the FAA and Gary Lai, the architect of the New Shepard system who is in place of comedian Pete Davidson after a launch delay and schedule conflict.

They boarded the New Shepard capsule at West Texas launch facilities just after sunrise. With countdowns, they soared to 45-mile height by boosters at the three times speed of sound, or 2,000 miles per hour. Then, the computer-controlled New Shepard separated from its booster and continued rising upward, till reaching an altitude of nearly 66 miles. It is four miles higher than the Kármán Line at 100 kilometers (or 62 miles) altitude, which is widely recognized as the boundary between the atmosphere and outer space.

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  1. All the hard work done by Russian 🇷🇺 engineers on the supersonic engines and what does America 🇺🇸 do they ban them and sanctioned them from getting access to crucial parts to maintain the engines. They didn’t sanction the Russian rocket 🚀 in docking at the ISS in bringing their astronauts back. Double standards.

  2. I am sorry, Billionaires can do whatever they want. Bragging.
    I am not interested, as, when l die, I will be out there for good, and free without money, and luggage. Thank you.

  3. The money that these changes Companies waste just think what will the conditions of countries like Afghanistan would be improved

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  5. The designer of the 🚀 has been subconscious influenced and is definitely male… but ye, I'm just a jealous guy 😀

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