Blue Origin launch: Jeff Bezos, crew complete historic spaceflight


The world’s richest man and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has achieved a long-held dream of flying into space while officially launching his space tourism project.
He and three crew members successfully completed a suborbital flight in his company’s Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle.
The 10-minute trip crossed the 100-kilometre (62-mile) mark – which marks the outer edge of space.
Fellow billionaire Richard Branson made a similar trip nine days earlier but only reached its edge.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Texas, the US.

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  1. 這火箭好似男性身體某器官
    this a rocket look like a Male body some organ

    我的天! 每個人花這麼昂貴太空旅遊費用, 大家用腳一步一步走上火箭頂部,為什麼沒有升降機?
    o my god! each person spend expensive for space travel, everybody step by step go to top of the rocket by foot walking, why no elevator?

  2. They make me sick!!! They could cure homelessness and world hunger and never even notice the money missing from their bank accounts. But nooo! We have to play one ups man ship like they want to be seen as expanding humanity's knowledge of space flight. Yeah, we been doing it since the 60's. Do something to benefit the world you selfish bastards.

  3. 4 straight white old men go to space…WHERE IS THE EQAUALITY!!! this is outrageous!!!
    We all deserve SPACE REPARATIONS… NOW!!!

  4. Aww….Bezos is so happy..after stealing millions of people's jobs…they are historically opening space tourism for super rich….Aww……So historic….

  5. .what could be historic on this flight?.. this is just a glimpse from above for 10 or so minutes..

  6. Its so sad and shameful that he spent $$$millions since 2000 for just a 3mins weightless space flight when he could have achieve far more within that same period with the same amount of money. e.g a proper schuttle that would have gone full orbit around the earth…

  7. What's historic about it ? Seriously.
    The Soviet Union first achieved this (& far more) over 60 years ago.
    People have lost their ******* minds just because he's rich.
    & Wouldn't it be kind of nice if he treated his workers as well as his Rocket ?

  8. People think its outside earth atmosphere but it is inside the earths Atmosphere but they call it space.

  9. To refer to these individuals as "Astronauts" or even "Crew" is disrespectful and an insult to "true" astronauts (those who have work hard, trained hard, circled the earth, and beyond). These individuals did nothing but go on an expensive, glorified joy ride. They are simply passengers.

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