Blue Origin Getting Spicy with SpaceX Starship + SN20 Testing Soon

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The Starship system is a fully reusable, two‑stage‑to‑orbit super heavy‑lift launch vehicle under development by SpaceX. The system is composed of a booster stage named Super Heavy and a second stage, also called “Starship”

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  1. Tell Jeff it's time to learn how to do things and join Star Ship with your money to make sure we get to Mars. It's obvious BO has no idea how to do this that's why they designed a ship that looks like it came right out of the 1960's

  2. Funny that Blue Origin's "complaints" graphic about SpaceX sort of reads like an advert for SpaceX and the amazing things they're up to.

  3. Has Blue Origin put any satellites in orbit? No. Has Blue Origin taken astronauts to the ISS? No. Has Blue Origin taken any astronauts into orbit? No. I guess Blue Origin has accomplished none of those great achievements because of its "Immense Complexity & Heightened Risk". Go figure. Go SpaceX.

  4. FWIW, SpaceX does a lot of stuff without NASA and there are lots of people who just don't get it. Every time they do a commercial launch you will find comments complaining about wasting tax dollars. When the day comes, and it will, that SpaceX sends ships to the Moon and Mars with no NASA involvement whatsoever, those same people will be all over the comment sections whining about, "wasting my tax dollars!" Because space flight has always been a government endeavor, something that, until very recently, only governments had the resources to do, they just can not fathom that things have changed and space flight can now be a private enterprise, like any other business.

  5. They said it's a modified second stage of a launch vehicle… but they could have said that it's a modified Mars lander… :p

  6. Launch site that does not exist… well, technically it does not exist as a launch site unless they get FAA approval…..

  7. instead of improving what already exists, SpaceX makes something new to make it better.
    There's no point putting electric motors and batteries in the body of a pre-existing car, there are just too many differences. Instead, you build a new car from the ground up using modern technology and building it to be electric.
    You can't just use the same technology we've been using for decades, you need to make something better because we can make it better.
    We have technology to make better space suits, reusable rockets, reusable landers, etc. yet NASA can't make any of those due to a shallow budget, and Blue Origin can't do that because it's Jeff Beeswax.

  8. Cell phone more complex than Apollo lander computer? Hell, yah! I did a quick & dirty calculation a couple years back. My cheapy clone Android phone had 25,000 times the processing power and 60,000 times the storage. YOIKS!!

  9. Because Jeff does not excel at physics and design he has concentrated on strategy. He clearly counted heavily on getting this contract.

  10. SLS by Boeing and NG, Orion by Lockheed Martin landing componant by BO, transfer element by ?NG and crew compartment and ascent stage by Boeing…What could go wrong? LOL

  11. The info graphic is wrong…missing the launch of SLS and rendezvous in halo orbit. Mentioned, but not in the graphic. If you don't read all the text it would give one the impression that people are onboard for launch and X number of refuelings. Pitiful!

  12. The best part is the fact that it will be launched from a pad that has never performed an orbital launch. Funny since they couldn't make it to orbit for luv nor money despite having been in existence for 20 years. And the reference to starship being so dangerous because of its height is ridiculous. I'd rather take an elevator down 30 meters than climb 30 feet down a ladder wearing a spacesuit. I had so much hope for this company now they are just a joke so sad .

  13. Starbase does exist however the FAA hasn’t approved most of the stuff they built that’s probably why they said they don’t have a base

  14. I think it is immensely hilarious comment that blue origin makes about SpaceX when they haven’t even developed their rocket yet let alone start launching it to achieve orbit again SpaceX is way ahead of the game

  15. Could someone please make an infographic response? Like explain how the BO proposed solution is a bad idea as well? I have a feeling someone with the wits and technical understanding could make this incredible hilarious to throw it back at BO!

  16. As soon as starlink brings in billions of profit mars colonization project begins.
    Starship in a few years will have launched more than every other rocket in history combined and be so cheap no one will be dumb enough to spend $400mln on an expendable rocket. Or will they?

  17. They go deeper into the ground people climb mountain taller then starship. Lift on side starship no problem

  18. Put a dragon capsule inside a starship. Then release like a satellite. To then dock on internal space station.

  19. Should I make a blue origin infographic? Instead of complex & high risk should I use “Slander and Blueprints”?

  20. Bezos is a propagandist. That's the entire reason he bought the Washington Post.

    "Democracy dies in darkness" isn't a warning, it's his motto, that's what he wants.

  21. Bezo's is a smart guy, but this round is lost to him. Period. He needs to start making as much progress in hid own company if he wants to eventually compete with SPACEX.

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