Blue Origin END GAME!! Top GENIUS Engineers Escape Jeff Bezos to Join up SpaceX & Elon Musk.


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Blue Origin END GAME!! Top GENIUS Engineers Escape Jeff Bezos to Join up SpaceX & Elon Musk.

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As we all know on July 20, Blue Origin successfully made a flight to the edge of orbit, making Jeff Bezos one of the first two billionaires to go to space. This seems to be the resounding success of Blue Origin so far. However, after the billionaire space founder came back to Earth, the company’s internal affairs became chaotic, many key engineers and leaders decided to leave the company.
At least 17 key leaders and senior engineers have left Blue Origin this summer, with many moving on in the weeks after Bezos’ spaceflight.
Two of the engineers, Nitin Arora and Lauren Lyons, this week announced jobs at other space companies: Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Firefly Aerospace, respectively. Others quietly updated their LinkedIn pages over the past few weeks.
The people who leave the company are really familiar people in the rocket industry. Those departures include New Shepard senior vice president Steve Bennett, chief of mission assurance Jeff Ashby (who retired), national security sales director Scott Jacobs, New Glenn senior director Bob Ess, New Glenn first stage senior director Tod Byquist, New Glenn senior finance manager Bill Scammell, senior manager of production testing Christopher Payne, New Shepard technical project manager Nate Chapman, senior propulsion design engineer Dave Sanderson, senior HLS human factors engineer Rachel Forman, BE-4 controller lead integration and testing engineer Jack Nelson, New Shepard lead avionics software engineer Huong Vo, BE-7 avionics hardware engineer Aaron Wang, propulsion engineer Rex Gu, and rocket engine development engineer Gerry Hudak.
So why did Blue Origin lose its top talents?
Those who announced they were leaving Blue Origin did not specify why. However, cited in employee reviews on job site Glassdoor and Indeed, many workers were frustrated with executive management and a slow, bureaucratic structure.
There were employees at the company who only gave 1 star reviews. One employee said “I really was happy to work here but I’m totally disappointed in the culture, horrible management and lack of direction. So many people are leaving. I understand why.”
Blue Origin END GAME!! Top GENIUS Engineers Escape Jeff Bezos to Join up SpaceX & Elon Musk.
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  1. No matter how rich you are, NO-ONE, Absolutely NO-ONE, likes a sore loser!! Give it up Bezos – Amazon was a stroke of luck – something akin to winning a lottery, or walking away from a lightning strike!!

  2. Top talent in a "small industry" job hop, that's nothing new. And disgruntled people are more motivated to post to sites like Glassdoor – the old 80-20 scenario. Keep living up to the hype mantra and name, Great SpaceX, never shall anything good about Blue Origin ever pass through your lips.

  3. Here is what I would do if I were Jeff:

    1) Make an oath to myself to never EVER get cosmetic surgery right before my facelift..ooppss, I meant spaceship, is about to take me into space. …NEVEEEERRR.

    2) Obviously he needs to revamp his management team. He seems like the type of guy that wants to be the smartest man in the room, even when he is not. It's not a bad thing to not be the smartest man in the room.
    Quite the opposite, because if you surround yourself with people smarter than you, you can place more trust in them.

    3) Take advantage of the incredibly low interest rates thanks to the Federal Reserve, and take out a 50 billion dollar loan from a financial power house like JP Morgan, Blackrock, or Goldman Sachs, using my Amazon stock as collateral.
    I would then use this money to buy up shares in Tesla and Space X (when Space X goes public)

    4) I would stop filing lawsuits and either do my own thing (he actually offered to GIVE 2billion to NASA to do some of the contracting work on the lunar exploration program. He can do his own thing (who needs NASA anyway?) and fund it from the shares of Space X. Not by selling the shares, but take loans out against his TSLA shares, since TSLA is going to triple in value over the next 2 years, if not sooner.

    $) Last but not least. Drop all of these lawsuits and revamp his public persona. Start paying Amazon workers more. He really needs to hire a better PR firm.

  4. Hey Jeff, how about helping our, with your resources added to the drive to space, think what could be. Elon is Hammering so jump on board and add fuel to the fire (rocket fire). Elon is the man now. Who tomorrow belongs to is TBD. Mr. Bezos please think about it. Mr. Musk you are the now, thank you and all your people for all you are doing, and never forget us all. God bless you all.

  5. Elon Musk has shown himself to be a visionary, and someone who is determined to make it to the Red Planet. Musk is a character out of the sci-fi novels that used to be my go-to entertainment. Much respect to him and SpaceX.

  6. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHhahHHHHhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahhahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha ha

  7. Ouch. Bezos is feeling the pain from being an asshole. Hopefully blue origin fades into the background and disappears

  8. He wasn’t giving up and extra buck an hour for amazon employees but gift 10 grand a piece 4000 BO EMPLOYEES

  9. Besos is a classic case of biting off more than you can chew. He would do well to stick with Amazon and sell blue origin to someone who is passionate about a little more than just a ride to space.

  10. Why am I not shocked that Blue Origin employee reviews are as bad as those at Amazon. I had a high level IT interview at Amazon once, and they had me attend a conference call prior to the interview to teach me about the "Bezos way" and how to interview at Amazon. After that I withdrew my application. It's a narcissistic culture.

  11. What it makes it so pathetic is that bezos sues for what is puny money for him.
    NASA will happily cooperate with bo if bezos funded the development himself, show working prototypes and plan how to land on moon.
    .Which he can do easily without impacting his net worth whatsoever.

  12. I really feel like anytime Bezos’ trip to space, it should be something like… “After BlueOrigin received a 10 BILLION dollar bail out from the US Government because they can’t compete, Bezos sent himself to space instead of resolving the issues that caused the company to fail in the first place.”

  13. I love the fact that Virgin had actual pilots on board and not just a bunch of people looking at computer screens along for the ride.

  14. Both are wealthy. Only one is a genius

    Having a passion for what you do has more value then money can buy.

  15. God I wish I had chosen a different route. To be part of the SpaceX team has to be .. everything

  16. The trouble is, Bezos is good business man But he is Not a Engineer, Not a scientist, Not a expert on rockets, so he is the bad cog in the system. He is so obsessed with being the one and the only one at that leading the space rocket service above Space X and Elon, that Bazos just get's upset when all the world follows what space X and Elon Musk are doing.

    But does not other with his own blue origin crap small rubbish rocket system.

    Has Blue Origin launched a full big space orbit rocket system? NO
    Has they sent people to and from the ISS NO,
    Has they sent even cargo there, NO.
    Has they even launched many satellites up in to orbit, NO
    Have they even won any big orders for sending up any major space system, NO

    Unlike Genius Elon Musk who is a amazing Engineer, is a genius software programmer, is a Rocket expert. and whom works super hard and long hours himself.
    Unlike Jeff Bazos who is not any of this and does not even work hard, Jeff has the old logic Just throw tons of money at the problems and they will go away!
    Like the fact he did not like loosing to Space X even though Blu Origin does not do what space X does rocket wise

    So now Bazos just has a mad tantrum like a soiled rat who can't get that thing he believes he is 100% due to get just because he thinks he owns everything.
    If you were a company or Government whom needed a space mission done who would you choose, Bazos with no working system or Elon with a well known working system?

    Unlike Elon, Jeff has let all those billions go to his head and now acts like he must by right have it all even if his system is crap.

  17. Little did anyone know the engineer got tired of having only 1 bathroom break and being underpaid so he left for space x getting paid a actual income with no threats of write ups of going to the bathroom

  18. I appreciate your content. Thank you! The stupid generic stock footage of random people throwing papers in the air or whatnot is totally cringe-worthy and distracting, however. I would much rather watch relevant content loop than look at those horrible stock footage clips. Just my opinion. Maybe other people like that stuff?? Thanks again for the good info though!

  19. SpaceX engineer: I love working for Elon Musk. He's a very demanding boss but cool.
    BO engineer: I loathe working for Jeff Bozo. He's clueless but thinks of himself as genius but he sucks big time.

  20. Good. If Bezos can't do any better than to sue SpaceX in an attempt to make up for his lack of competitiveness, screw him. He deserves this and worse.

  21. Less than a year ago there was a comment under another Blue Origin video that said: "Jeff Bezos is scamming us". I replied with: "What if Bezos is the "scammed" one? What if the senior people in BO are telling him repeatedly 'Yes Jeff, next month at the latest, cross my heart and hope to die. We just need another 500 million, thats all'."
    This seems to me as a confirmation of the sentiment I expressed back then.

  22. I don't think this issue is just limited to blue origin it's Amazon and all Bazos business, so many products always seem unfinished and half arsed

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