Blue Origin Desperate Attempt To Take Over SpaceX


Blue Origin Desperate Attempt To Take Over SpaceX

Is well know that jeff Bezos and his company blue origin is always trying to take over spaceX but there are some protest against blue origin according also with spacex news, but starships like SN15, SN17 and SN20 are SpaceX little kids that will go to the moon really soon and beyond but what you think about spaceX vs blue origin?


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  1. Space x make sure that ships dont break oxygen tanks, losing food and sealing wires safe. Use crypto and bitcoin so it can prevent bankruptcy.

  2. We have to stop natural disasters for earth in order to stop it we must terriform mars and give a little time to make a earth like.

  3. If Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin want to be considered a "Space Company". They need to consider actually putting payloads into proper obits. As they have yet to put a single satellite into orbit.

    Whereas Space X not only routinely is the prime contractor for putting satellites into Earth orbit and beyond. But is putting more satellites into orbit than any other company. Including all other National organizations. And at 1/100 to 1/1000 of per launch costs of all other national launch agencies and businesses under rational consideration.

    Why Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin is even considered a "Space Company" is ridiculous. They have yet to get a single payload into orbit and beyond. Whereas if you want a payload into orbit. Elon Musk and Space X can get it there in a few months. It not weeks.

    There is simply no rational comparison between Bezos and Musk. Space X gets payloads into Space and Blue Origin does not. The comparison between the two is simply not rational.

  4. There are NO space companies that can "meaningfully compete" with SpaceX. …. Blue Origin is an expression of the massive, pathetic Bezos ego and nothing else, he brings ZERO to the table and exists ONLY to steal ideas from SpaceX. … The Bezos FAKE Space enterprise will soon CEASE TO EXIST.

  5. NASA outright told everyone that the winners would be dependent on how much Congress gave them. They only had enough money for one of them. Plus BO was more then twice the cost of SpaceX.

  6. Sorry but using a professional narrator doesn't fix the numerous awkward sentences, wrong words, and grammer errors. But I encourage you to keep trying.

  7. new gien? if this guy isnt a computer voice he def needs to go back to school, pathetic pronunciation. where are these websites getting these people. cant read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Please learn some English before you write a video comment in English or even 'Merican for that matter.

  9. Brue Origin is a Cracker Jack's space Company, used by Bezos for pure PR…
    He does not have a real cool view of space travel… he is just an slave owner

  10. So does this mean we won't have to wait another three months for the Space Artemis Program to launch in November?

  11. SpaceX is a successful rocket company which currently launches 50% of all (global) payloads to orbit. Blue origin is not a successful rocket company. It has never launched anything to orbit. NASA made the only decision available to them.

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