Blue Origin crew launches to edge of space l GMA


William Shatner, the oldest person launched into space, and three crewmates completed an 11-minute mission aboard the Blue Origin New Shepard.

Blue Origin live updates:

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  1. Shatner is still crushing life at 90 years old! Coolest grampy I've ever seen! 👨🏻‍🚀

  2. Sorry, looked fishy to me, on the Landing hit hard and it there was retro rockets firing, how is there No burnt brush or dust pocket around the pod? Scam!

  3. Thank you Mr Bezos for making the dream of so many Star Trek fans to come true… This is 100% fantastic..!!

  4. We have not come so far! We have been lead backwards for hundreds of years now. We need to stop and reconsider how much time we have left. All life on this planet is in grave danger of disappearing.

  5. I don't believe this guy says he's never seen a booster to land upright. Never watched Spacex?! Or about a history being made, as if Spacex never existed?!

  6. WOKEISM SYMBOLISM….ONLY BEZOS would build a Phallic shaped ship….that is very much a copy of the ship in Flesh Gordon….Captain Kirk……"ITS A SEX RAY"……TOUCH ME SPOCK…..Shatner did look a little out of sorts

  7. That was a hella clean burn. haven't watched a launch in years, and that's a lot different than what I remember. Looks much more efficient.

  8. Like to know how history was made origin has never went to actual space cant even reach space station space x has done this and more the civilian crew actually stayed in space for 3days

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