Blue Origin BE-4 Engine Progress (Feb 2020)

On Monday, Blue Origin will open its “high rate rocket engine production facility” in Huntsville, AL. In anticipation of that, the company wanted to show a little love for their BE-4 engine progress.

Credit: Blue Origin


  1. A year and a half later, and this is still the most recent engine test footage. If the engine was throttled above the previous 65% level, we would have heard about it. We're still waiting for Godot.

  2. These engines are like their orbital rocket, all talk and no substance. They are still yet to deliver a qualified engine to ULA and the rumour is that the BE4 still has combustion instability when getting anywhere near full power. If that is the case then they are not even close to being production ready. I feel sorry for ULA who had faith in this engine, they are now having to cancel their Vulcan Centaur first flight because the engines still aren't delivered.

  3. Methalox Oxidizer rich staged combustion. Nobody else has done this in the world.

    [Raptor enters the chat] That's cute. I'm the only full-flow what has taken off

  4. The truth is – these guys are behind not only the Raptor, which is the king and the quantum leap in rocket engine technology but also behind the Russians with their RD-170 family. Even a 3 decades old RD-180 engine is more powerful and efficient than this Bezos creation.

  5. SpaceX's Raptor Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle say's, you guessed it…hold my what? My beer…that's right.
    Whose your daddy Jeff Bezos?

  6. I found this video by asking: Is BE4 engine working yet? I still haven't got an answer… which probably means NO

  7. Air force won't pick new Glenn for contract missions on the basis that this thing wont be ready for years. Better luck next time Blue.

  8. First to use Oxygen and "Natural liquid gas (Methane) – what lies – Elon Musk was the first – their rocket engine too is a concept of Elon Musk's Rocket engine. Blue Origin has just taken a dip in my respect for them.

  9. Still testing engines for a rocket that will eventually compete with the Falcon Heavy. If I may quote one of my own videos, Jeff, is there a Latin phrase for SENSE OF URGENCY?!

  10. I am so glad that Elon actually flew SpaceX's METHANE fueled Raptor engine on the Starhopper instead of just talking about "someday" flying it — like Jeff Bezoes and Blue Origin keeps doing. SpaceX will land on Mars before Blue Origin orbits Earth.

  11. This seems like an uninformative puff piece. I learned nothing. I wish BO the best, but presenting a lack of urgency as a positive factor is unconvincing.

  12. Blue Origin is already too late to the party.. infact, the party has already ended and all the guests have moved on to the next location.

    This slow development is a joke in this day and age. Bezos wasting his billions.

    SpaceX will be on Mars before Blue gets a payload to LEO space.

  13. I work out at BO in the cape sometimes and they’re so far behind everyone else it’s almost depressing. They’re building more buildings than anything else right now

  14. Awesome engine. I wonder if the Air Force would pick two companies with the same 1st stage boosters. Especially since BE-4 is not a proven engine.

  15. Frankly I don’t know if methane fuel full flow staged combustion engines are better than methane oxidizer rich staged combustion engines. I don’t know if 5 massive F1 engines are better than 37 smaller engines. But I’m certain of 2 things: One is that competition is good for the space industry and science in general. That was proven back in the 1960’s. The other is that we are beginning the most exciting period in space exploration since 1972.

  16. If they used all the hot air that from Jeff Bazos talking himself and Blue Origin up . They probably would have a rocket that actually reaches orbit and does something other than a tourist bus?

  17. It's the only methane oxydizer rich staged combustion engine because competitors are using methane full flow staged combustion engines, which are better.