Blue Origin and SpaceX Launch Pads and Facility Development Satellite Timelapse


An excellent collection of timelapse satellite views of the new Blue Origin and SpaceX facilities for their next-generation rockets, New Glenn, Starship and Super Heavy

Collated by Harry Stranger (@HarryStrangerPG) for NSF.

Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data processed by Sentinel Hub. The satellite provider is Copernicus via ESA and the satellites are Sentinel-2A & Sentinel-2B.

More info:
SpaceX Starship:

Blue Origin:

  1. Very nice, but if I may make a request for the next time you do this, can you put title cards between the locations?
    When you are looking closely at details, and then the scene suddenly changes, it's a shock, and then you have to try to figure out what you are looking at, then rewind and watch again.
    If you put a few seconds of black title card between them saying what was next, it would make it easier to use.

  2. Seems like blue origin made a lot more progress in terms of building infrastructure than spacex did 2019

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