Blue Orgin UPDATE – Why do people love to hate Jeff Bezos and his creation?


Why do people (including me) have such a problem with Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos? Well, the list is kinda long…

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Orbital Reef – Quite a vision

  1. Vaporware,Vaporware,Vaporware. I just thought up a way to vector the Suns energy to move the solar system thru the Galaxy! Just waiting to build it.

  2. The fact that Jeff bezos is not a media clown who continually makes public each of his occurrences, does not mean that he is not achieving his goals discreetly, don't you think?

  3. How Much Money, That Blue Origin Received, Went Back To The Politicians, Who Allocated The Grant?!?

  4. It's almost a running joke now.

    Not only has BE-4 not even flown, once, but the Raptors have flown multiple test flight, and SpaceX is about to finish initial tests of the Raptor-2, and probably fly it as well in a few months, BEFORE BE-4 ever takes flight.

    I keep waiting to hear the announcement of anti-trust cases against Blue Origin by those contracted to buy the engines.

  5. OK+++———- Space X already has a tug and it is Called the Falcon Second Stage. With a Raptor engine slapped onto its stern and a few changes to the fuel system and Musk had his own Tug that will have the Delta V to take 20 tons to Geo-orbit and return. The Raptor Tug could even have a small light manned capsule attached to allow a cre to for final checks or recovering lost or broken Sats to be brought back to the Space X station to be repaird and sold to new owners at a considerable Profit. Tugs are already being launched to tank up sats that have run out of maneuvering Juice so Your bit Celibration for Bezos FANTASTIC NEW INOVATION. IT JUST CRAP!

  6. I don't hate him or his tourist rocket. However that is exactly what it is. A very expensive tourist trap. The rocket ascends to an altitude barely considered space by the FAA. You float for 13 minutes and then come home. SpaceX has built a human rated capsule that can be considered a true space vehicle. It can ascend high enough to reach full orbit and dock with orbital space stations. SpaceX has simply proven themselves better so far.

  7. OK++……… If you had 30 people on the ISS the 27 others would be left to do a dam lot of Research instead of spending a Billion on AI Maintenance Bots that 3 crewmen can do better and cheaper. The Problem with the ISS is that it has been Gold Plated since the beginning. With Space X you no longer need to Gold Plate anything in Space X's 9 meters by 50 meter Space Station I WILL CALL an ISLAND (if you have spent any time diving on Reefs you know that Reefs are sharp death traps easily cutting or killing you) with a hundred man crew complete with a Gravity wheel or pods at the end of arms for sleeping and exercising. That can easily and cheaply be expanded to many hundreds of meters long and tens of thousands of tons with thousands of crewmen. All before Bezos gets his first 60 ton $billion module into orbit.

  8. OK+……… I love how you keep putting the Bezos Cart before the horse (engines) and call Bezos Revelutionary. My Grandpa would Call him A Fool if he were still alive. LOL Even ULA is starting to get Disgusted at Bezos and his CRAP.

  9. Can anyone explain why New Glenn can make it to the Moon without refueling, whereas Starship needs 4 in space refueling missions? They are equivalent sizes. Odd.

  10. OK—. I love how you Conveneatly Forget Space X's Starship that has a 9 meter fairing that is not only bigger but will carry twice as much for a fraction of the cost. But keep Kissing Bezos Ass Angry!

  11. Once we see BO deliver a consistent supply of engines to Tory, get New Glenn flying with the BE-4U methalox second stage upgrade, get orbital reef fully assembled and provide a blue moon lunar surface cargo landing system, I could see them redeeming themselves and coming back in a big way

    Especially if the shuttle MK2 project comes to fruition, could replace their lunar ambitions with national team HLS with the second lunar transportation vehicle launch system on new Glenn, they’d be cool af, second to spacex easily, even more than ULA

  12. Let’s see if Jeff goes the same way as another billionaire Elizabeth Holmes. Theranos promised much and never delivered for years until it all finally caught up with her and she couldn’t hold the house of cards together.

  13. Like I typed after the lawsuit. “What good did that do? Work the problem, don’t be the problem”. I don’t like BO because they like being the problem.

  14. I get a lot of shit for it but i firmly believe that Blue Origin is mostly vapourware. They want to make me change my mind? Launch a damn rocket other than the New Shepard. Hell just show me the rocket on the ground. Because as far as i can see they have a sub-orbital joyride and an engine that doesn't work. Jeff can talk about his vision, he can boast about how Kuiper will be just as good as Starlink, he can sue the government to demand his non-existent vehicle get chosen, he say whatever the hell he wants but until i see something tangible it's vapourware. We all know Elon gets over-excited with his timelines but Spacex delivers eventually. We have rockets that can land, i'm writing this comment via Starlink and we have seen every step of the Starship's development. If Jeff wants me to stop seeing his company as a sham then bloody do something.

  15. Blue Origin is the Colorado Rockies of spaceflight. Been around for decades, never done anything significant.

  16. While SpaceX is visibly working on getting its Starship passed the FAA permitting process, and has built a HLS prototype, nothing has been said about anything else. It has been working on a StarLink deployment system, and will eventually solve the in-orbit fuel transfer issue, but nothing else has gotten any press.

    Two Starshio second stages will provide more volume to orbit than orbital reef. Heck, I expect that one will dock at the ISS in a few years and provide 50% more volume there.

    All of those ideas may be floating around in the minds of SpaceX employees as well, but not yet announced as they are currently working on other things.

  17. Just watch William Shatner trying to describe to Bezos his feelings about spaceflight after he landed, LOL that's why I don't like Bezos.

  18. What about the anounced reusable upperstage for the New Glenn?? Did they not already start to build a prototype or a technology pathfinder, that has also already been photographed??
    Not that this is solving any of the current problems, but it would Show some progrese….at least. But i have not seen or heard anything about it for many months.Has anyone else?

  19. Interesting to hear your take on why people hate Elon musk so much? Seems people just hate anyone who has some success and is making changes.

  20. Until they have working systems – Blue Origin's claims about New Glenn, the BE-4 (and Vulcan), and even Orbital Reef are just as much a fiction as an invisible pink unicorn.
    We can't just close our eyes and wish really hard to make everything work out OK like a fairy tale.

    They can't even get a working engine, a working rocket – how can we even believe they'll have a working space station…

  21. If I were blue origin I would give up on the Orbital rocket and put up my cargo on starship. I mean it has the capacity and when it goes up it's cadence of launch will be unmatched.

  22. Hello Jordan. I would like to see a video about a way to allow many different countries to piggy-back satellites onto Star Link. Technologically, is there away to even have non friendly nations on the same system of satellite system while still providing them security they desire? Since having non-allied countries on the exact same satellites is probably not possible, perhaps those countries could pay for their share of satellites that will link up to the main grid of Star Link System, and everyone could benefit from those extra 500 0r 1000 satellites. Yet that country could choose to detach their segment of that Satellite system to ensure their discontinuation at least, or maybe link them up to another different Satellite System (depending on original agreements made). All this to reduce the eventual amount of satellites in space. Right now does it not look like overcrowding Satellite services could be a big problem in the not too distant future? How many thousands will China have? How many thousands will Russia have? Iran?

  23. I think given all the money and investment with no tangible results i think it is more likely to be a scam of some sort….probably a tax loss of some sort….

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