Blue Orgin sues AGAIN!! Why won't Jeff Bezos give up on his LOUSY lander?!



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A great big list of complaints!!

One place to look for Delta-V info

Very detailed Delta-V. Add it up…you can go to Mars or Venus about as easily as the Moon (with aerobraking). The fuel costs are substantial, if the mass is substantial.

  1. Hey nasa which one would you like?
    A lander ​that's cheaper than the rest and bigger and better and cooler
    OR a more expensive and less reliable lander that is made by a person who's job is an angry complaint manager?

  2. even if it was lousy this lander what be finished long after the mission ended, because blue origin have not created anything pm at all, that they've promised really

  3. 1200 tons fuel tank / 150 tons fuel cargo = 8 refuels
    1200 tons fuel tank / 100 tons fuel cargo = 12 refuels

    Blue Origin failed basic math.

    From Elon Musk

    16 flights is extremely unlikely. Starship payload to orbit is ~150 tons , so max of 8 to fill 1200 ton tanks of lunar Starship.

    Without flaps & heat shield, Starship is much lighter. Lunar landing legs don’t add much (1/6 gravity). May only need 1/2 full, ie 4 tanker flights.

  4. easy fix build it launch it on the pecker rocket see if it makes orbit fly to the moon, land it bring it back. if it works fine.

  5. Bezos's big problem is his ego someone else is doing what he can't buy so he attacks through the courts… typical of an ass wipe like him !!

  6. Because he is like the sea gulls from Finding Nemo….MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!
    Gotta know when to fold em! If Bezos really wants to stay in the “space race” go work for SpaceX

  7. I'm thinking perhaps NASA should have done the Moon project kind of like the x prize. The first company to safely transport three people to the Moon and back when's $8 billion, and the contract for the next phase.

  8. I'm thinking perhaps NASA should have done the Moon project kind of like the x prize. The first company to safely transport three people to the Moon and back when's $8 billion, and the contract for the next phase.

  9. What is more likely?

    Seeing Beso in a court with another lawsuit every week?
    Or seeing SpaceX run away with the competition for the next 40 years until nasa opens its eyes about how stupid the drama has gotten?

  10. Leading on from this project, Starship will offer many more useful proof of concept principals for a regular lunar transit craft then HLS ever will, and furthermore if infrastructure is constructed on the moon, payload capacity such as Starship will be vital for this, and if after this, we have some sort of lunar capture system such as a maglev type capture system deployed on the moon then delta v will be absolutely reduced. some sort of extended maglev rail system which provides deceleration for craft on approach and what we will have are projects that continuously assist each other in their progression of evolution.

  11. With the versatility that Starship is designed to offer essentially an explorer capable of navigating the entire solar system honestly who gives a rats about lander system resembling someone's high school project for landing on a rock that we have already done 50 years ago! What else is HLS gonna do, end up in some fking museum as the 'second moon lander'? This project is an excellent stepping stone project for starship to develop a comprehensive solar system explorer.

  12. It's rather disgusting that Bezos, who did his best to avoid paying sales taxes for so many years, has now become a stickler for legalities and suing.

  13. It is interesting to see this behavior from a man who said that this type of behavior was the biggest issue with this industry.

  14. you mean lousy when you mean expensive – when spacex rockets fails eveone dies in contrast to Bezos , but cheapis best and good right -ask chineese how good it is -it gets momentum to bigger things but someone has to die

  15. Blue origin is so bad that the only reasons why it gets money is
    A. Amazon
    B. Court
    C. Using his new machine that converts hate into money

  16. SpaceX:hey nasa we made the biggest and most advanced rocket that has engines with full flow staged combustion and the rocket will be able to carry 100 people to the moon or mars by 2030 can we get a contract.
    NASA:sure here's 2.6 billion dollars
    Blue origin: NASA we made a lander.
    NASA: we don't have favorites at NASA but SpaceX is our favorite so fuk off.
    Blue origin: I'm suing you.

  17. Bezos is pretty much doing what Scientology did to the IRS. Just overwhelm your opponent with massive litigation. That's one of the superpowers that come with being super rich. Having so much fucking money that you can just throw it at your enemy and beat them into submission with it in the form of bullshit lawsuits and protests. It's almost like watching someone beat a video game by exploiting a glitch in the game.

  18. Bezos is suing is because he has spent a lot of money on his space ventures, which has come to naught because he has NO idea how to lead it. He isn't an engineer and will not listen to the great people he had hired. There is no direction – because he simply has no idea what he is doing. He has no vision and no focus as to what he is trying to do. No business model other than trying to get government contracts which he has no idea how to fulfill.

  19. new moon landers * and new rockets * for each landed alternative.
    spacex can only be cheaper, as they don't need to build a new rocket each time.

  20. Ego, the wealthy persons Achilles heel. It's one of the reasons they rise to the top and also the main reason they crash and burn. At least the lawyers will get rich.

  21. Bezos has more money than Nasa receives in 7 years, why he need that NASA money? he can just privately fund his own trip to the damn moon.

  22. i might or might not work at blue origin and i might or might not watch your channel! here's the thing man, if bezos gives up and doesn't sue he probably won't make it to the moon and the dream is dead. so yes, he's desperate and he's still fighting at the same time.

  23. Bezos doesn't care if he hurts Nasa, the USA or our space ambitions. He ONLY cares about winning. That's ALL he cares about, and I think we've seen that over and over now. I positively can't stand the man because of it.

  24. Explain how this concept is worse than Starship…considering the fact Bezos' concept follows one used successfully ri land in the moon, and Starship is based on the concept that DIDN'T pan out.

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