Blue Orgin LOSES in Court, and what's up with New Shepard price gouging? (See Description)


NOTE: It APPEARS that Jeff Bezos will NOT take this to the Supreme Court, though that option is open to him.
BREAKING NEWS!!! Blue Origin loses in Federal Court. Their one bright spot seems to be New Shepard, and they are certainly taking advantage of that monopoly!

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Tom Hanks is a bit more careful with his money than that!

Blue Origin Loses!

  1. 16:40. That’s not a booster. That is a technical demonstrator. So they make that and make sure that it fits in the shop and then out the door. They try different ways of doing the same thing on a part. See if part type A is easier to fit in tight spot C or should they get part B and try that or do they design a new part because even though it fits in the spot on the plan they can’t actually get it into that spot. Do they have all the tools or do they need to make a thingymajig to fit that widget in the corner. And so on. It’s not going to space as it wouldn’t be air and space worthy, each panel and each screw has been off and on a dozen times in trials and fit tests. That demonstrator is as loose as a ……

    So not a booster, more macano set.

  2. Isn’t acting against your countries interests called treason? So repeatedly using the various courts to get your own way when a contract has been awarded inline with contract requirements treason.

    I’m angry and I’m an Australian living vicariously through NASA and SpaceX so I can only imagine how angry USA citizens who are space enthusiasts must be. It’s their money after all.

  3. The federal appeals court didn’t just reject the appeal. They did the equivalent of tossing it out with no merit. ie they said it wasn’t even valid to be heard before a court.

  4. How does a used dildo with 4 pax that requires just a couple of weeks or less between flights cost $25 million a seat. That’s $100 million in full tourist mode and that’s twice a F9 with 9 huge engines and a huge ship and lots of propellant and a totally lost 2nd stage and if you toss the entire thing then it’s $65 or $75 million can’t remeber.

    JB pricing policy seems crazy. There wouldn’t be long arduous expensive training and you don’t get a bespoke pressure suit either. I can only see it as price gouging.

    No one like to feel ripped off.

  5. Astro I thought so just the price is not only outrageous but for that price but is equivalent to going to travel to work, of space travel. The court system can defeat the progress of Bezos, SpaceX., since such an undesirable figure & disdained will not pleasant situation to taking ordinary folks to suborbital space.

  6. B.O. Shepard is just a rocket vtol rock & parachute, Jeff made a bad decision of charging Tom a 4mil ticket, this wasn't just anyone, the promo could've helped reduce the trip cost for average flyers as well. The deal I would've made, is one(1) celebrity, to go with ANY other max group of seats, every flight, much better business deal. Besides, Virgin U2 was much better experience.

  7. Apollo 13 is such a great movie. Part of the realism was also to shoot scenes in microgravity on parabolic flights. Doesn't get much more authentic than actual weightlessness. I am surely in a minority but I would have very much liked Tom Hanks going to space.


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  9. you really think blue origin is real? come on! the g force would of killed the 90 year old also did you see the landing?????????? looooooooool was in no way soft at ALL! that landing would of broke every bone in shatner.

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  11. Im still a firm believer in that we will end up having Starship get mostly bulk cargo transport contracts while Dynetics updates their design to be the human rated portion of the lander system. It will take so long for Starship to become human rated just because it has no escape option, and Elon won't let that rocket sit ideal when it can transport supplies/habitats on the moon.

  12. I wanna work at Blue origin for a week or so. Unrestricted access to a big empty hanger I can mess around in. I mean I don't have to work weekends, long hours and based on how many people leave work there I can name my pay.

  13. Bill going to space for free doesn’t bother me one bit.. I’m actually happy his ticket was provided! He’s most famous for Star Trek. I find it fitting that he experiences space once in his lifetime! That’s finally a credit to Bezos! 💯

  14. If I had the money, I would just support SpaceX. The man's dream is real and although I may not be able to go into space my contributions are more to save what's on earth not the few seconds of space time!

  15. Who gives a damn about a old guy who played in some syfi series….you can't tell me there is not 1 single make a wish kid that wanted and deserved it more….screw these people…they will leave you all here when the time comes…bet $ on it

  16. The author's hatred of Bezos, and the way it colors his reporting, could not be more blatant.

  17. Interesting
    Litigious trouble makers – good word use. Only ones who win in court are the lawyers.
    It is refreshing that an angry astronaut can be gracious. Give credit where it is due. Well done.
    I like the llama lander – WWSXD What would Space X do? If they design just a teeny tiny lander – I was thinking torpedo but maybe a taxi. Work pod perhaps.
    Dad would have said this is a good topic to cogitate on.
    Maybe the orbital reef will keep Mr. B busy – it seems a worthy quest.

    Have you got kids?
    Ever watch the potty video?
    Make one for us, pls
    If you want to be the angry astronaut
    Talk about the potty. Do they not have the wrench to open the cover? A screw driver to tighten a clamp?
    ahh don't get me started. Ever heard the phrase "Dumb as a box of rocks."
    Lets check the Space X website and see if they have an opening for a space plumber. Come on guys and gals it's not rocket science.

  18. SpaceX could easily put Blue Origin out of the space tourism business by launching the crew dragon on a single stage and landing it in the Gulf of Mexico. But unlike Bezos who is nothing but talk and no action, Musk is actually accomplishing what he says his mission statement is. So wasting his time with space tourism just to hurt Bezos will only take the focus off of the real end goal. Would it slow down the end goal? Probably not. Both could happen together with little effort. But Musk is idea driven and works on that one idea at a time.

  19. Bezos has done nothing but the same thing that the old man in Jurassic Park did. Create an extreme amusement park ride for the extremely wealthy and famous. He has done nothing to demonstrate his company has the ability to provide anything more than that. Especially a moon lander or even put anything in orbit. He's the perfect case of envy and greed. If you can't have what you want, make sure no one else can have it either.

  20. the Second new glen has a "Problem " in space Bezos is Done and muck could put a cheap Bezos flight together in a weekend But he is creating a Space Business not a Disney tour Bezos is Playing with FIRE

  21. Dude, no matter who would be in charge of making "space tourism" happen, "affordable" space tourism ain't gonna happen in our lifetimes. No one alive today is going to see it. There are countless more important issues regarding space travel than worrying about joyrides for multimillionaires. You're barking up the wrong tree, Jordan. 🙄

  22. I don't agree that Sue Origin can charge whatever price they want. I think most will wait to get a flight with SpaceX. People who can't handle orbit could still wait for point to point suborbital flights on Starship.

  23. Whoah I didn't know that about Tom Hanks. I also missed Shatner's flight but I'm glad if he was happy and for free. Clearly I'm not paying attention but Bezos should consider just working on an orbital station like he mentioned in that one presentation. He needs a mission other than just taking government contracts. In contrast, SpaceX's mission to colonize Mars solves all things in space including a base on the Moon, science missions, manned missions, orbital hotels, space communications, interplanetary transport, space industry… Now that's the way to do it.

  24. If you're mad someone else didn't have to pay for something that doesn't affect you, you might be a commie.

  25. The New Glenn booster that was rolled out was an engineering model, not even a flight-capable rocket. More smoke and mirrors from Bezos, just like the Blue Moon inflatable mock-up lander. As for Branson and his vanity project, there might be one or two more flights over the next couple of years, then that'll quietly die as well.
    Both projects will probably fail for the same reason, the ego of the two top men.

  26. I know it's obviously going to look phallic but they seem to have done their best with this design.. reminds me of Dr Evil in a few ways..

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