Bitcoin and crypto have a 'Elon Musk problem'


When Elon Musk tweets, the crypto world listens. CNN’s Jon Sarlin explores the contradictions of crypto’s decentralized networks alongside the very central influence of one man.
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  2. Crypto is a far right machine now, like the rest of the stock market to make the rich richer by speculating off your hard earnings. Dump it all and boycott them to make them pay for people who will have to pay the price in the future through inflation, etc. Peter Schiff is a great voice, you should have him on more! He is good to throw these idiots out the window like in 07/ 08.

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  5. It is decentralized. Because of this manipulators need to use fame to influence it. But this is still better than our corrupt governments that just outright control it.

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  7. I don't agree with this narrative. Elon was a symptom of the market going to moon, not the diagnosis, the reason why it went there. Sure, it's obvious everyone knows his tweets had effects on the market, as with any influencer, and with any market really. Elon certainly brings legitimacy to the space but I don't think just because a bunch of WallStreetBets autists degened in on DOGE and pumped it like GME and AMC we should be praising him to high heavens. With the market downturn we can see his tweets and his comments on live appearances aren't pumping everything to the Moon anymore like they were just a couple months ago.

  8. I'm gonna keep my crypto. This attempt to scare middle classers out of the market so that the wealthy can corner it when digital currency becomes largely government-centric is noted.

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