BIGGEST SPACE JELLYFISH!! From Starlink 4-17 Launch vlog #spacejellyfish #spaceX #launchvlog


BIGGEST Space Jellyfish!! From Starlink 4-17 Launch vlog #spacejellyfish #spaceX #launchvlog

Falcon 9 launching the Starlink 4-17 mission with 53 internet satellites onboard. Liftoff was scheduled for 5:42 a.m. Eastern (9:42 UTC) from LC-39A, in Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

What is the SpaceX jellyfish?

SpaceX launched the rocket at 5:42 a.m. from the Kennedy Space Center before it deployed 53 Starlink satellites into orbit. The launch ended up creating a so-called “space jellyfish,” which could be seen across the state of Florida and even as far as the Savannah, Georgia, area. What causes a space jellyfish? A space jellyfish (or jellyfish UFO; also rocket jellyfish) is a rocket launch-related phenomenon caused by sunlight reflecting off the high altitude rocket plume gases emitted by a launching rocket during morning or evening twilight.

The long, blobby “body” of the jellyfish is, simply, exhaust leaving the Falcon 9’s rocket engine nozzle. The reason the exhaust takes on such a bulbous shape has to do with the pressure difference inside and outside the nozzle.

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  1. Hits the dome, proving space is fake, people cheer and call it a jelly fish 23 times and worship the lie they are married to.

  2. Wow! Super cool! Must have been an amazing experience!
    Keep them videos coming, bro! Awesome!!!

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