BIG LOSS! Blue Origin's BE-4 is in HUGE PROBLEM and got CRUSHED by SpaceX & Elon Musk


BIG LOSS! Blue Origin’s BE-4 is in HUGE PROBLEM and got CRUSHED by SpaceX & Elon Musk#STARSHIPFANS

BIG LOSS: The manager of Blue Origin’s rocket engine program has left the company

After more than five years of frustrating delays, Blue Origin, the space firm of Jeff Bezos, finally could near the critical point of delivering flight-ready BE-4 rocket engines to the United Launch Alliance.
However, at this crucial moment, surprisingly the manager of Blue Origin’s rocket engine program decided to leave.
So why? Isn’t he on the verge of glory after a half-decade of service to BE-4?
What is the current status of this engine? Is there any chance for BE- 4 to beat SpaceX Raptor 2?
Let’s find out:

Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith recently informed employees of the departure of John Vilja, the senior vice president of Blue Engines. In Smith’s email to employees, Vilja is said to be leaving Blue to pursue his “many” interests and hobbies outside of work.

“During his time at Blue, John led the team to support eight New Shepard missions powered by BE-3 PM engines, countless hot-fire tests, and made progress on multiple engines’ development programs,” Smith wrote. “He also built a world-class Engines team, recruiting some of the best talents in the business.”

Sources familiar with Vilja’s work confirmed that he was a good manager and engineer who helped get the BE-4 rocket engine program back on track.
Frankly, before Vilja’s arrival, it can’t be denied that the numerous challenges faced by the engineers and technicians working to build and test BE-4 development engines included being “hardware poor.”

During his tenure, Vilja hired Linda Cova to serve as his deputy. She will now lead, at least on an interim basis, the Engines team at Blue Origin. Cova came to the company in 2021 after working on various propulsion programs at Aerojet Rocketdyne for 35 years. Among her duties, she led the development of the AR1 engine, which lost out to the BE-4 engine in a competition held by United Launch Alliance for its new Vulcan rocket.

Regardless, this is definitely a big loss for B.O.
It was not immediately clear why Vilja left Blue Origin with the end of the BE-4 development program insight. However, this is not the only case.
Last summer, after Blue Origin successfully made a flight to the edge of orbit, making Jeff Bezos one of the first two billionaires to go to space, at least 17 key leaders and senior engineers have left Blue Origin.

So, have you ever wondered why a big company such as Blue Origin is losing many of its top talents more and more?

To be fair, these decisions of theirs just have been water drops.
Cited in employee reviews on job sites Glassdoor and Indeed, many workers were frustrated with executive management and a slow, bureaucratic structure.
BIG LOSS! Blue Origin’s BE-4 is in HUGE PROBLEM and got CRUSHED by SpaceX & Elon Musk
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  1. recruiting the best engineers???
    I don't think so!
    if they had been, they'd have a working rocket.
    I'm wondering if any had a gpa higher than 70!
    and .

    it shows in their caricature for passing the blame and NOT doing the job!

  2. It is funny to listen to the "glassdoor" references. When working in the industry, you actually hear the opposite, and that's coming from a NASA employee.

  3. Without Bezos, probably today Amazon would not exist. Same story for Tesla and Space X without Elon Musk. Two very resilient men, but two totally different skills. One is a born exceptional engineer, the other is not, and exceptional pride cannot cancel the other skill.

  4. One huge thing not mentioned in the video is that BE-4 has a very much lower combustion chamber pressure than Spacex's raptor engine, 134 bar compared with >300 bar. The combustion chamber pressure is the single most important metric in determining the engine efficiency. BE-4 will never be able to compete with Raptor

  5. Because ALL Bezos did, was BRIBE his way into the space race!!! Then HE could not AND WILL NOT complete or achieve anything!!!

  6. Elon should use SpaceX as leverage to remove the SEC from his throat. They had no case. The SEC stole $40 million from Elon and Tesla.

  7. "Edge of Orbit" does not describe any New Shepard flight. Orbit is not related to altitude, it's related to speed. NS's speed at apogee is almost zero. That is not even close to orbital velocity.

  8. Raptor 2s first test may have failed but they can now turning out one a day that are flight ready. Also we don't know if Raptor 2s first test was supposed to be destructive. After all this is the way SpaceX works, they push the engine as far as they can until it begins to fail then they look at how it failed and fix that problem.

  9. I don't think they were at the "edge of orbit" They needed another 7.8 km/s and a heat shield.

  10. Jeff bezos is a cheap bastard it's one thing to do a low cost but to be a cheap bastard with horrible management that's not going to work you got to be a good management to continue to do low cost that's why I like Elon musk because he's down to earth and greed does not get in the middle you can't compare one to the other go Elon musk 👍

  11. @0:11 “Blue Origin, the space firm…”
    Well…. not quite. In its 20+ years of existence, space is still a lucid dream of vanity.
    Respectfully, NewSehpard is quite an accomplishment, yet merely a fancy carnival ride. BE4 is a disaster, NewGlenn appears a royal pain, and BlueMoon, oh well… let’s just not go there.

  12. Blue Origin did not make a flight to the "edge of orbit". 🙄
    That doesn't even make since. 🤣

  13. I knew that it was a mistake to rely on BO for anything when ULA made the deal with them. SpaceX has done so much better with their engine. Now ULA is stuck without a backup plan. SpaceX is going to clean up over this mess.

  14. It takes more than 6 weeks to build 1 BE-4 engine. That is Not "production" that is prototyping. Raptor 2 production date is 1/day reportedly. The delivery is Mid-May with the 2nd comming "reasonably" soon after… So given the fact that ULA needs 2 engines to do a hot fire test, we are looking at June, July, August? Wouldn't they buid at least 2 at a time?

  15. First let him build something real instead of only making CGI videos 😂
    Fake launch.

  16. Time delays and cost overruns! The real market does not put up with that!! Only the government – “Oh, it will be a two year delay and an additional $6 billion? OK…”💩💩. Go Space X!!!!!

  17. Jeff Pace's represents the global elite socialist agenda. He owns the Washington Post dirty left wing rag spouting out ideological garbage. he has been working on that rocket for a long time in secret. I'm so glad that he is taking so long and he is so far behind space X and his better and younger nemesis Elon musk. For a billionaire Elon musk is very base and very cool. space X is producing rockets like cars Jeff is producing rockets like NASA used to do in the 60s and taking 10 years to build one let's get Trump back in in 2022 2024 let's go Brandon

  18. Your comment that New Shepherd went to the "edge of orbit" was an amateurish mistake. New Shepherd made it to the edge of space but it was no where NEAR orbit since its velocity at that moment was ZERO and a velocity at that altitude needs to be somewhere in the range 18,000 mph in order to achieve orbit.

    New Shepherd shares its trajectory with the Estes rockets launched by Cub Scouts.

  19. BO? (Body Odour?) Amazing how close the thrust is on SpaceX's Raptor 2 to BE4 at 230+ tonnes

  20. Why is Bezos back?… i thought theres a petition not to let him back on earth?…

  21. I know the Raptor does not have as much thrust as the BE4, But I think it's about time the atlas went back to having three engines.

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