Best moments from Michael Strahan's Blue Origin space trip


The “GMA” co-anchor joined 5 others on New Shepard’s third human flight this year.

  1. Michael is great and all, but Cameron deserves more recognition for breaking 2 milestones. Being the first furry and first pansexual in space!!!

  2. wealthy people punching holes in the ozone layer to get a few giggles..The same people that bitch and whine about environmental damage and Global warming.

  3. This is So fake.. Like they could be live streaming the whole thing from inside .. So fake!!!!!!

  4. Uhhhh that wasn't a "touchdown" looked like it was going at least 20 mph. It even bounced forward a a little. That was a lot or dirt that spread out into the air.. Everyone in the capsule would have been injured. Did they have shock absorbers in their seats?

  5. Who's filming the different angles……it's clear there isn't a drone near the dicapsule…plus lots & lots of cgi…….y'all all tricky demons !! 👿

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  7. race bater strahan after blowing smollett back a couple years ago gets to go into space….you faks really hate white people dont you…got news for you, what comes around goes around….peace out weebee

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  9. The Shepard is designed to penetrate the dark depths of Uranus. To go where no human has gone before. Deep, into the holes of the universe.

  10. Thank goodness, Michael Strahan had on his "post nfl" depends for liftoff and when the capsule landed!!!!LOL

  11. Day 119 since Brandon abandoned American citizens in Afghanistan. Many are still there. Let’s go Brandon!

  12. Shout out to George Floyd on 565 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals! .

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  15. How that booster lands is so next level sci-fi incredible. Michael stepped upped, never easy being one of the first to Explore.

  16. Well I built a marble maze with my 4 year old princess today in Crocs…I'd consider that a win too America!!!

  17. Congratulations, but you couldn’t pay me to do that! I can have basic zero gravity in a body of water.

  18. This is what the wealthy does with there tax cuts & rebates What would you do with a childcare rebate ? THINK ABOUT IT

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