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  1. I hate my own question: why won't the internet provision part of the recently enacted infrastructure law undermine Starlink?

  2. Did you just call the poe adapter a modem lol? The modem is in the dish. And did you say it has a heater built in lol. They never had or will have a dedicated heater. The thing pulls 100 watts. 100 watts of power consumption is what heats it as a byproduct.

  3. Was really hoping to hear about differences between McFlatface (which I've had for a year) and the new design. Is the new design better? Will the old flatface be able to handle all the new stuff? Do we need to upgrade to the new design dish?

  4. If get a starlink service system can I use ot in different areas ? As I move around alot with my vending business ! Thx. Mark

  5. I really hope you are not one of those toxic beta testers on reddit starlink sub reddit. the chip shortage is BS for starlink. if you are in an open but under subscribed cell you can get service full order. the problem is the amount of sats in orbit. they could not launch because of the oxygen problem. it was all routed to hospitals, so not enough sats got up. its a capacity problem. not a chip shortage.

  6. Unfortunately they advertise $100/m yet mine is $147/m!
    I’m one of the people Elon has intentionally been trying to get access to internet!

    Many of us have to drive a boat to get cellular signal never mind internet access!

    I’m hoping that you can explain to the over privileged peacocks/people who simply want bragging rights that there’s millions of people who don’t have access that is Elon’s main reason for this StarLink system!
    I’m curious when you promoters will actually acknowledge that and start doing shows on how many billions of people still don’t have access to internet and how we feel about finally getting access!

  7. I can’t watch your stuff man. Your editing approach of continuously cutting your sentences together and removing the pauses is not cool. It’s just annoying.

  8. Nasaspaceflight is a whites only organization, hate that you gave them a plug in this otherwise great video

  9. I've been on the waiting list for at least months and being advised through the web site middle of 2022. Can't wait!

  10. Well just got an update e-mail from starlink this morning, I was listed as first and second quarter for 2021 then third and fourth quarter 2021 and not this morning they say 2023 and not I have not moved myself on the map at all or changed any location data. Frustrating to say the least.

  11. Ideally a new router would allow a ‘backup’ ethernet ‘input’ that’s instantly used when Dishy drops out (for those of us with existing, reliable but slow internet access). The regular dropouts we get due to obstructions that we can’t clear are frustrating, as good as Dishy is 98% of the time.

  12. still waiting and still say Starlink is targeting coverage in your area in mid to late 2021 NOW is N0V 23 and still no update look like that promise when to space and did not came bACK

  13. Well when I get mine this year imma do a lot of speed test and get high speeds and just take it in

  14. Have had Starlink since November of 2020. I’m in very rural Oregon. This has been a game changer for me. That being said, I’ll be moving to southern Indiana early next year and 1 requirement I’m going to have in a home is that it has gig internet, I don’t care who the provider is.

  15. I’m in southeast Alaska. Please arrive here! Local companies have you over a barrel and no you know what

  16. I’m currently paying $85/month for 12mbps/down and 8mbps/up
    Ordered in March 2021(Still waiting)
    Can’t wait!!!

  17. What good is any of this if they still are not available to the public and nobody seems to be able to get one but some of you creepy youtubers?

  18. I got my Starlink almost 2 weeks ago. My DSL was 3MB/s vs about 90mb/s w/ Starlink. Went from paying $50 per month to $99. Well worth the money. Starlink is amazing.

  19. Starlink is so expensive
    A person in my country would never be able to pay a price like that . I understand it will be the only one in many places but will not really be very Accessible

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