Angry space storm just DESTROYED 80% of SpaceX Starlink! Elon's Reaction…


Angry space storm just DESTROYED 80% of SpaceX Starlink! Elon’s Reaction…

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Elon Musk reacted to losing 40 Starlink satellites due to space storm

The sun has been hibernating – but it’s waking up, and the next few years may see more satellites damaged or destroyed by solar storms than ever before.
And the first detonators, unfortunately, had just happened with SpaceX’s Starlink. SpaceX expects to lose nearly a full launch’s worth of Starlink internet satellites after a geomagnetic storm disrupted the Earth’s atmosphere and sent about 40 of the satellites to an early, fiery demise.
So, how does this happen? And how did Elon Musk react to this sudden disaster?

Let’s dive right in:
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SpaceX’s Starlink constellation, an initiative that plans to provide satellite internet access across the planet, may take longer to build out than the company planned. On Tuesday, the space-faring firm acknowledged that up to 40 of the 49 satellites in its most recent launch won’t make their final destination. Instead of reaching low-Earth orbit, they’ll re-enter the atmosphere and burn up.
According to SpaceX, the satellites got mixed up in a geomagnetic storm that caused the atmosphere to warm and increase its density. The resulting atmospheric drag, which was 50 percent higher than previous launches, pulled the satellites back to Earth.
It’s a disappointing setback in SpaceX’s plans for Starlink.

This led to lots of questions about why geomagnetic storms are so strong? What actually happened to the satellites?

A geomagnetic storm comes from solar wind generated by the sun’s activity. First, “the sun shoots off magnets” in the form of a storm. The Earth’s magnetic shield dumps the solar storm’s energy into our planet’s upper atmosphere and heats it up, causing it to inflate and become denser. This increases the drag on satellites in low Earth orbit.
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  1. Rocket from China falls to earth: "not ok". 40 satellites from US falls back to earth: "no problem"

  2. Sure the sun doesn't zirky impact … let's not forget, the sky belongs to everyone just like the planet.

  3. DESTROYED 80%? FALSE claim! Reporting this for false information. do more research you waste of internet band width!,

  4. This what you getting for making cheap satellites that can only last 6-7yrs instead of 11-15yrs . I guarantee the satellites doesn’t even gold reflectors for the sun UV rays he probably have copper or metal reflectors.

  5. You must have designed new power for starlink that protection solar wind from sun

  6. Looking forward to Starlink internet! This loss seems insignificant to the loss of band X launch yesterday with all the university satellites.

  7. The title is a bit if a click bait out of 1800 satellites on orbit only 40 of new satalites have failed from latest launch not operational satalites

  8. Far less of a problem than you might think. A bigger problem is stuff (rubbish) left up there after its useful life, or debris from collisions which really is a problem for anyone launching anything. Anything in Low Orbit will eventually come down, but debris in higher orbits could be there for 100's of years.

  9. This story are for the people thats stupid.
    Solar storm??? Hahahahahah. Which solar storm? When? And all the other satellites?
    The truth they are destroyed by China or Russia..fact.

  10. 80% of a single launch is not quite the same as it destroying 80% of starlink…. click bait titles get no likes…

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