Angry Astronaut vs Boeing, Blue Origin, Roscosmos, Elon Musk and an Army Surplus Pack?


The Angry Astronaut has gone after a wide variety of targets…for some reason…over the last 20 months!
Here’s some of the…most unique!!

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The original videos!!!!

  1. I agree Bill Nye is really a joke and NOT a Scientist….he worked at Boeing as an engineer…..but Neil is educated in physics and space and yes…Mars is not habitable……to question is having a huge colony etc is fair since we haven't found any solutions to yes radiation….no available water with drilling…ok so like independence day…Please stop days human species just say humanity or humans….

  2. I just hate that money is the real issues cause why does it really coast to to research technology new technology ? Like Your the government shouldn't u have unlimited resources ,money ? Idk it blows my mind that we not already in the stars

  3. @6:00 Aren't you worried that the cup handle will affect the handling characteristics (pun intended) of the 'Launch Vehicle'?? How ironic, it became a bottomless mug, I'm sure Boeing likes that idea even more.

  4. Why should I be angry at space? You can call yourself the Angry Astronaut if you want but why should anyone else a angry at space. It’s a stupid idea. What has space done to anyone? Get yourself another catch phrase. You have a good program but the title is ALL wrong.

  5. Bill Nye can suck my….yeah, I’m not a fan. Fun fact: he worked for Boeing. Coincidence? I think not. And yeah, NDT can help him.

  6. Kind of disappointing to hear Neil and Bill say that, I've always respected them. What Bill Nye said was a little out of touch though, he must be living under a rock with all the talk of underground lakes

  7. There's no way you people actually believe this idot, right? You know he's just a personality right, like Trump becoming the President.

  8. OK ———— Actually: Falcon 9 will put 4 Astronauts into Orbit for Only $13.75 million per/Astronaut and not 30+. The Falcon 9's capsule could hold 7 Astronauts for only $7.8 million an Astronaut.

  9. With the exception of new space (Jeff Bezos has built an old space company). kicking everyone in the space industry IS doing the world a service. Old space is just milking taxpayers as fast as possible and innovating about as fast as stonemasonry for the last 8 thousand years.

  10. If I were ordered to live in a climate-controlled dome on Earth for the rest of my life, I'm sure I'd have some objections. Yet I'm supposed to be thrilled at the prospect of living in a dome on Mars.

  11. "The radiation on Mars isn't that bad". Really? That's your entire counter point? Evidence? Studies? Common sense will tell you that Mars' thin atmosphere, plus weak magnetic field would do little to protect the surface from UV and other harmful rays. What the fuck do you think life would be like on Earth without the magnetic field, thick atmosphere, ozone layer? There'd be no life at all, it'd be sterilised. Just like Mars!

  12. Dolph Lungren, the guy from the Rocky movies, has five university degrees. Bill Nye has one. Think about that.

  13. It is amazing what someone (Elon) can achieve when they actually want to go to space and not just extract as much tax dollars as they can (and it helps to focus on the engineering and not the business shell game).

  14. See folks this is what happens when you become too emotionally invested in something, sooner or later you lose your grip on reality.

  15. Bill Nye is a douche… he is a pretend scientist. With it being founded by Carl Sagan and all of the actual qualified scientist that have worked for, or worked with the institution, it's embarrassing that an actor that played a scientist leads the Planetary Society.

  16. Would love to see humanity build large 15 mile long, 5 mile across rotating space stations, like those in the Gundam series, where millions of humans live a normal like just that on Earth!

    Since SpaceX is already building large Starships, why not scale up and build space stations?

    Yes terraforming Mars will take a decade of not more!

  17. Thanks Angry, The combination of information, humor, sarcasm is great! Keep it up! And finally.. When in doubt! Piss on it!!!

  18. you should get into doing personal family firework displays to make money for your ticket to the iss

  19. When you doing slowmo use a sound pitch calibration to avoid robotic sound. Cheers 🙂

  20. This video has everything…Anger! Schlockiness! Flaming Toy Trucks! What more can you ask for?

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