Amazon’s MISERABLE PROTEST to deny STARLINK Next-plans!

All those who thought that the beef that Jeff Bezos has for Elon Musk will end after he sued NASA were proven wrong recently. Amazon has asked the FCC to reject SpaceX’s proposal related to the Starlink system which will be very important for the deployment of the second-generation satellites. Details will be revealed in today’s video and you can be the judge if this is a reason to stop Elon Musk’s company from providing a better internet experience or not. What is the reason behind Amazon’s request to the FCC? Is it just a part of an ongoing beef between the two CEOs?
The video today will go over the most recent action taken by Amazon which involves a request to the FCC. We will then discuss how the beef between the companies is not something new and has been going on for some time now. Next, we will talk about the previous efforts done by Jeff Bezos to stop SpaceX. The last part of the video will compare Starlink to Project Kuiper. Here’s a quick reminder that you can subscribe for free and like the video so that we can boost the algorithm. Comments are most welcomed and the best ones will get featured in one of our upcoming videos

Amazon Calls On the FCC
Amazon has just asked the FCC to restrict SpaceX from working on the second-generation Starlink network because it is breaking rules related to satellite deployment. This protest letter is an effort from the company as a ploy to promote its satellite internet project called Kuiper. The thing is, it is not yet functional. On the other hand, Starlink is up and running fluently.
SpaceX filed an amendment in its plan earlier this month with which it would need clearance for two different configurations to align the new Starlink satellites. These would be thirty thousand in number. What Amazon claims about this is that the proposal tries to cover a very broader area and hence does not comply with FCC’s rule related to satellite deployment. Musk’s company has made this clear that only one configuration will be used during the operations and the second one only acts as a backup plan. Amazon does not find these justifications amusing.
Bezos’ company is stating that it does not oppose the whole plan but just wants SpaceX to settle on a single configuration and then resubmit the application. Amazon’s stance is that this relaxed behavior towards one company will then encourage others to find loopholes in FCC’s rules and try to break them. This is why it insists that the proposal gets rejected.
SpaceX’s stance on this is that as the first system relies on the Starship rocket, which is under development, the company does not want to risk being delayed and has added a second configuration that involves the use of the Falcon 9 rockets. Both of these systems will deploy the same satellites to the same orbit level, using the same procedures. Hence there is not much of a substantial issue at hand.
There was no immediate response from the company or its CEO but musk did post a tweet. It said that Bezos retired from Amazon to work on SpaceX lawsuits full-time.
Amazon’s wrong direction
This is not even the first time Amazon has stepped in Starlink’s way as it also happened in early 2021. Back in January, when Musk was pursuing the FCC to allow his company to move some of the satellites to a lower altitude in the orbit, Bezos’ company was quick to dispute this.

Bezos’ Beef With Musk
Believe it or not, the tweet from Musk seems true if we keep in mind the series of events that have occurred recently. SpaceX won the contract for the moon landing project being done by NASA and was tasked to develop the date Starship HLS, HLS stands for human landing system. Musk’s company even got paid 300 million US dollars out of the total three billion dollars decided.
Blue Origin and Dianetics were among the next two contenders who did not win the contract. Bezos did not spare any time and went on a public rant to get the deal dismissed because two companies were to get awarded but NASA chose one. A whole investigation went on but no discrepancies were found as the only reason to choose solely SpaceX was that it had submitted a very impressive proposal.
Bezos did not just stop at that and filed a lawsuit against NASA that it had shown preferential treatment towards SpaceX. This latest plea to the FCC to reject the Starlink proposal just seems to be something in continuation to the other efforts to block Musk’s work. At this point, Jeff Bezos is trying to find reasons to stop Musk and his companies from exceeding in work which they have gotten due to their capabilities.
SpaceX is allowed to change the altitudes of its system, this will lead to a much higher chance of dangerous collisions with other satellites. It will also cause radio interference.

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  1. Wish Musk could enter the online book sales to cut amazon market share. Bezo is obsessed with Musk. Every Bezo investment is to attack Elon. From spaceships, satellites, internet and electric vehicles

  2. I hate to see this crap, come on Jeff do you want to be remembered for all the great things you have done or the fact that instead of progressing humanity you tried to hold humanity back.

  3. WTH! Been awaiting Starlink, can't even watch TV with this useless Hughesnet (our only option)!!.. So annoying. Bezos greedy f*ck sucks!

  4. Every minute that Bozos is intent on doing the dirty on SpaceX I'm (successfully) getting friends and business people to boycott Amazon. I suggest everyone else do the same.

  5. Bezos has no case. Musk has already proven his point and should be able to proceed. Blue Origin may as well quit while they are behind.

  6. How is it that a company that does not have anything that has been launched in ORBIT or that is not operational in ORBIT, would have anything to say?

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