Alternative J-Mount for the 2nd Generation Starlink Rectangle Dish J-Pipe Mast Gen 2 Starlink Dishy


Proxicast J-Max 100% Solid Stainless Steel Antenna Mount on Amazon –
Werner AC78 Ladder Stabilizer on Amazon –
Stainless Steel Tek Screws on Amazon –

I wanted to post this video in case others were looking for a decent alternative to the mounts that are offered on the Starlink site. This Proxicast j-mount is the correct diameter for the second generation Starlink rectangle dish antenna. I would recommend having a second person available on the roof to stabilize the dish while trying to mount the j-pipe to the mounting bracket.

HEAVY DUTY ANTENNA MOUNTING KIT – 304 STAINLESS STEEL Bracket & Arm – 304 STAINLESS Mounting Hardware Included – Will Not Rust onto your House!

UNIQUE LOCKING PIN – Increases Strength and Stability for Heavy Antennas at 0, +45, -45 Degrees

ADJUSTABLE PIVOT / SLIDE – Position JPole for Best Signal Reception; Mount Base to Any Flat or Sloping Surface

UNIVERSAL DESIGN – Compatible With Any Type/Brand of Antenna – 4G, 5G. WiFi, TV / HDTV, Satellite, Helium, Weather Station, Ham, CB, 2nd Generation Starlink, etc.

REVERSIBLE J PIPE – Extend Wall Standoff Distance for Antenna Mounting Flexibility

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