Alan Shepard's daughter to fly to space with Blue Origin


Alan Shepard’s daughter Laura Shepard Churchley will launch on the next Blue Origin New Shepard flight. — Blue Origin to fly 1st NASA astronaut’s daughter, GMA host Michael Strahan on New Shepard spaceflight:

Credit: Blue Origin

  1. She obviously doesn't realise that Blue Origin doesn't actually go into space, just very high !

  2. First thing first, congratulations to Mrs. Shepard for her suborbital flight, the same her father Alan made aboard the Freedom 7 on the 5th of May, 1961.
    Replicating her dad experience, without the hassle of training as an astronaut beforehand, must be personally relevant for herself and her familial bond.
    Mr. Bezos may not be doing much in terms of ticket sales, but sure he is attracting the attention of the general public toward his rocket.
    Wish to Blue Origin to complete their BE4 engines as soon as possible, and to achieve orbit soon afterward.

  3. The next flight…Barbara Streisand, Hanoi Jane, Tokyo Rose, and whatever and whoever for the Romper Room suborbital flight. C’mon man??? When will you do a “real orbital flight” and not these self evident cheap publicity little hops. Put some Viagra into that phallus called a spacecraft, BOZO?

  4. One publicity stunt after another, showing what BlewOrigin is doing for people, while in between suing the United States of America.

  5. She's totally qualified!? Because her father played golf on the moon? WTF bozos? Can't get into orbit so you trot out people to ride a roller-coaster to the edge of space?

  6. From Wally Funk (one of first female NASA astronaut but failed to get pass then finally going to space in her 80s year old), William Shatner (Star Trek actor), and now daughter of American's first astronaut: Laura Shepherd.

    Apart from awful lawsuit, yeah, this is good thing from Blue Origin in order to fix their reputation as loser from many contracts.

  7. How very cool! And how exciting for Laura Shepard to be able to experience the same sort of sub-orbital flight that made her father famous.

  8. Every time I hear his name makes me think of two names. One is Adrien Shepard from half-life opposing force. & German Shepherd.

  9. Alan Shepard is the first American Astronaut in Space, Fifth man to land on the moon and only man play golf on. moon.

  10. Another carnival ride with famous people to hide the fact that blue origin has yet to to make it to orbit.

  11. Climate change is so serious yet we're gonna waste fuel for fun 😂 hopefully it will 🚀💥💀

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