After 5 years in the country we finally have internet. Building a custom Starlink Satellite Mount.


We had a few problems to work through installing Starlink internet system on our Log Home.

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  1. I think it has already been mentioned, but you should really consider a Mesh Network System. For your expansive area, the mesh network would be much better and easier to manage many wireless devices on your network. Using a solar power setup midway between the house and the barn, you may even be able to get wifi out to your bank barn. Daisy chain it again to reach your entrance where you can have a camera and a gate on a sensor with remote control from the home via the network. All starts with a mesh system that can be easily expanded over time, adding units as you need.

  2. I have a smart switch plug to my tractor block heater so I can turn it on when needed without having to get outside and plug it manually. My tractor is not store in an heated place and here in Montreal it can be very cold. When there's a snowfall (an we have a lot here) I can heat my tractor from work, get home and snowblow without worriing that the tractor won't start.

  3. why you don't switch place with extender and starlink router and see if that makes any difference And that of course if you spend lots of time on the basement or your office is downstairs then this setup makes sense

  4. There goes the farm. You'll be on the internet instead of working on the place.

  5. when the need to paint galvanised metal arises, wash with vinegar and let dry completely, then paint…………….g

  6. How is the D17 doing? Have you figured out the confusion with the brakes yet? Got new parts? New paint? New versions of those lobed bolts for the back wheel width adjusters?

    Oh, ya, nice job with the antenna. 😉

  7. YoLink is a great system to check out, I have their driveway alarms, smart plugs and siren, but they have tons of options, very happy with their products. Also, GFI Notify is a great stand alone service to monitor for power outages… Don't buy a Blink camera system.

  8. I would use the satellite for while to see how stable it will be. We have a smart thermostat, lights, smart plugs and a echo, Alexa, and a echo show. As well as ring cameras. None of these devices work if the internet connection is down. Make sure you internet is stable before you spend a lot of money on smart devices. Watch out for really cloudy and snowy days. Have fun.

  9. If you wire the Nighthawk 7300 extender as a access point your speeds will improve vastly.

  10. Good stuff! Should you ever find yourself needing to run cable through a space like above a drop ceiling again, tape a string to one end of a broom handle and you can throw it across the space, then at the other end use the string to pull your cable across.

  11. I bet it's a relief to finally have internet :). If I can recommend something you might want to try if you have the time and if feasible.
    I would set your Starlink router on the main floor. If this is the area where you spend most of your time you'll be able to use the 5GHz network for your main devices and daily internet access. It will give you the best throughput (but the smallest coverage) and should cover your entire first floor. Then run your repeater in the basement. The basement will be covered by either the 5GHz or 2.4GHz band depending on how far you are from the repeater.
    Having the main router on the first floor will allow you to get the widest coverage on both bands, especially when you start looking into smart devices (which most of them run on 2.4GHz network). Having the repeater upstairs will work but as you saw it cuts your bandwidth by a tremendous amount.
    The repeater in the basement will most likely allow you to get very decent coverage in the yard/behind the house (most likely using the 2.4GHz network but it should do it automatically).
    I'm not sure how the Starlink router is configured or setup but if you can, I would run a direct burial cable from your main router to the barn. Then use an AP (access point using a second router) setup in your barn that way you also get full coverage in your barn and have minimal bandwidth loss in the barn. Your barn will then also have wifi access through the AP on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band for your wireless devices. Bandwidth will be a tad lower than in the house (main floor) but still a lot better than any wireless signal you'll get from trying to connect wirelessly from the barn to the house. I'm sure you've noticed but the barn will totally block your wifi signal from the outside in the same manner your basement ceiling does. It's a bit of a pain to figure out but hopefully this will help in case you run into coverage issues with your current setup.
    The above is similar to my current situation but I'm running a wired connection (through a switch) between our house and 2 out buildings/barns that are about 300 feet away and so far it's been spotless. Especially if you plan on adding any kind of wireless cam/security system to your other buildings.
    Sorry for the long comment 🙂

  12. Thank you for this great video Evan. It will help us get ready for ours when it hopefully arrives mid-2022. We have an AT&T Phone/Internet receiver that is no longer offered and only gets about 3MB download and the 100GB data costs about the same as Starlink's unlimited!

  13. Look at you all Techie! I may have to check into Starlink. Our options for internet here are limited to the landline provider or cable (just 1 and it's $$$$), other than using our phones of course. Looks like you did a bang up job once again. 👍

  14. Great to hear. You are the third channel I watch that just got there Starlink. I wondered why you never did a live feed. Keep up the good work you 2 .

  15. You can check your extender to see if you can increase your throughput. Also there are extenders witch have longer range and some witn increased signal. Is your extender a combination unit witch can do 2.4 and 5g.
    5g is most likely cleaner but 2.4 is like a bulldozer.
    Great video enjoy your content have a great day.

  16. Kudos to you – your videos have been great, and we didn't even know you had to go thru so much to get them to us. So glad that that process has been made easier for you!

  17. We have been waiting for two years for our Starlink….starting to think it will never come

  18. My mind is blown that you've built this channel without an internet connection at the house lol. That's pretty impressive man! Same as others have said, look into the Ethernet adapter, no speed loss, and no lag either.

    We love the lutron light switches with their "smart bridge", but any kind of smart light switch is great for turning exterior or interior lights on from your phone, or to have them come on automatically when you're not around. Also love having a smart switch on our coffee pot so i can prep the pot the night before and walk out into the kitchen with fresh hot coffee lol. Great job as usual!

  19. You are also not supposed to weld with solid core mig wire with a fan blowing on you. That blows the shielding gas out from under the nozzle shielding the weld area and causes porosity in the weld. You can drink a glass of milk after you finish welding to counter the toxicity of the zinc in galvanizing. This method was used by the national union of ironworkers. It was a rule that the constructor had to offer you a glass of milk at lunch and at the end of the day if you had to weld galvanized metal. If you are welding with fluxed core wire, and you are not using a shielding gas and the fan will not effect the weld.

  20. Almost at 90 k I started watching when it was almost 3k, you sure have come a long way. Great info as usual. Have a good one.

  21. Great video. We've been waiting on our Starlink since April 2021. Hope it works out for us like it did for you guys. We are building a red iron Barndominium and a shop so I'm sure we'll have to come up with solutions to extend the signals also.

  22. You are not alone with problems with Starlink. Lumnah Acres had similar problems.

  23. QUICK QUESTION, Would the StarLink WiFi not be better off above ground, with the booster in the basement, maybe you'd get better coverage in the pole barn, also with the second router working in the basement be sufficient for so small an area?

  24. Al and Gina at Lumna Acres recently received their Starlink equipment and have activated it. They waited a long time for the equipment to arrive fir their 500 acre off grid Homestead. Like you, Al is very talented and internet savvy. He also made a temporary mount for his house so he could get the service up and running.

  25. Welding is a skill that is a acquired skill, 20 years ago I wanted a flat bed for one of my trucks where the box was completely shot. $600.00 in steel and I started my first welding project, never welded prior. My cousin who I lived with gave me a crash corse on welder operation and from there it was all a teach urself process. 20 years later I will say I'm not a professional by any means but when ever now I need something built I usally end up building what I need myself or fixing what I need to fix. The welder I own now has saved me thousands of dollars over the years in fabrication shop expneses. When someone asks me now where I've bought someting I simply say "I built it". Often times I get crazy looks and shocked expression on there face, don't ever be afraid to build what you need for your farm as that whole concept goes a far way when it comes to customization of your farm needs.

  26. I am not sure it is the same technology, but the extender I use for the garage was the same used by SSL Family Dad at their old farm. You plug one device into a wall socket near the WiFi router in the house, and the other in the shop and it uses the copper in the house to extend it to the shop and then create another WiFi signal. Pretty slick and only about $100 at the time.

  27. Evan you should be able to get a much faster connection to starlink. The reason its so slow is that your roof is shielding the network from the dish. You should place your dish at the highest point (the peak) of your roof. It looks like you have enough cable left over to reposition your dish to the apex of your roof. You will be shocked at the speed difference if you do this. Starlink requires a complete 360 degree free space to operate as it should, buy the look of things you have a huge amount of sky shielded from the dish, I would expect to see a three fold improvement if you reinstall. Thanks for posting

  28. Great job on the Star Link install! Just remember that on your live steams, it’s your upload speed that is important. 2 meg should be ok, but keep that in mind. I’m a retired IT manager and am not afraid of new technology. We have an 800 foot driveway, and driveway alarms are definitely a good thing (but don’t need wifi for that), knowing when a delivery comes is great! Also, we know when deer come up our driveway at sunset and sunrise. Arlo cameras are great, and we added wifi enabled thermostat.

  29. I feel your pain. We finally got T-Mobile wireless home internet last year $60 a month. 400 to 500 Mbps. And the router that comes with it covers the whole house. No extender needed. And no equipment to buy like starlink

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