ABC Satellite Music Station " Starstation"

Starstation, as it was formerly known, was part of the original Satellite Music Network, with studios in Mokena, Illinois, outside of Chicago.
After being acquired by ABC/Capital Cities, the format moved to studios in Dallas, Texas, along with many of the other SMN formats.

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  1. I listened to this format on 2 different stations in North Central PA. Star Station was on WHPA, Hollidaysburg PA, a suburb of Altoona, and different Q-102, this one in Clearfield Pa. I thought the programming was very good for radio in the early-mid 80’s when you were out of range of a big market station. In addition to the voices named on this aircheck, the programming featured Bob Leonard in AM drive and Ron Britain was on the staff at one point. I recall Ron calling himself “your host”. He was a good listen. It is ironic that ABC networks purchased this with its lineup of hundreds of stations after failing to get its own Super Radio off the ground In 1982, for lack of interest with affiliates Super Radio was slated to bring together jocks from NY and other top markets. According to Wikipedia, Star Stations was originally called Satellite Music Networks and was started in Chicago by Bob Leonard. They had other music services available including country.

  2. Neat, where did you find this? Where was Q102? When I first heard this service it was on a station in St. John’s, Michigan, which is a small town about 20 or so miles north of Lansing. At first, I didn’t really care for it, and thought that the people there were trying to make a mockery of the city I lived in at the time. This radio station was 1580 WWSJ, and I was about 14. After a few months I grew to appreciate that station. Now, it is a black religious format that according to a friend is mostly automated.