A PACKAGE FROM ELON MUSK | STARLINK | Off-Grid Internet | Ordering Process, Pricing, Unboxing


Today we’re going to show you what we’ve got from Elon Musk. Not long ago we ordered Starlink and it’s already here. It’s supposed to be the perfect internet solution for people living off-grid. Let’s find out together.

This video is not sponsored by Starlink.

In a follow-up video we show you the installation and our first impressions with Elon Musk’s Starlink. Hitting the notification bell would keep you from missing it 😉

My name is Jasper and we are in the middle of renovating our house in an abandoned Portuguese village. Together with my dogs Zoey & Akira we show you the rebuild of our house and what it is like living the daily life in Central Portugal. A lot of tasks are still waiting for us and we will show you in the next video how far we will come. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Some Starlink users have had issues with high temeperatures affecting usage !! In your area temperatures can get pretyy high cant they??!!

  2. Nice… BUT.. no way would I pay $800+ $100 a month…no way.. call me when it comes down to $20 a month.

  3. Here in Brazil starlink costs 550 euros to buy….(taxes not included!! very high here!!) ….then 100 euros a month subscription (6x my actual monthly line subscription of same speed etc). Just a comparison.

  4. 👽👽👽 Good, now Jasper has a way to communicate with us directly.😉 Seriously, I hope it works well and gives a good, secure and fast download and uploading speed. Looking forward to you report after it is up and running.

  5. I hope it works well for you. It can be so frustrating to wait on uploads and downloads.

  6. Hi Jasper, I am moving to Portugal, so am very interested in how you get on with Starlink. Re the round dish, check the model number, as the round dish was version 1 of the kit. and the Square Dish was V2. I am sure there are Starlink forums where people could confirm for you want you've been sent. Hopefully they have bot sent you someone's old stock. for the money you have paid I'd want the latest and fastest version myself. Take care D

  7. One great thing about being in such an obscure place is that you can make videos, but no one can find you.

    With some exceptions of course. I'm a retired postie, so finding you wasn't that difficult–but I won't tell anyone.

    Satellites can find you–fortunately for you, the communications variety provides way better service than the ones used for mapping (which haven't made a pass over your area in quite some time). Grow more trees and you can almost disappear altogether!

  8. How funny! Only today I’ve been looking into star link because my meo Wi-Fi is rubbish. Interested to see how you get on with it.😎

  9. Jasper jij blijft me verbazen 😁 je bent echt met 100.000 dingen tegelijk bezig 👍🏻

  10. No wonder musk is the richest guy in the world, with what you have to pay so much for so little equipment and super high monthly fees. Does you tube pay all that well?

  11. Don't trust Elon Musk! Too expensive, like his cars which have many flaws, but that's how he became a billionaire. (I would not give him one penny.) Good luck.

  12. With the connection getting slower in the rain could you adjust the 4G antenna to get a better signal or is it bang on already? It might not be a lot of fun adjusting the antenna in the rain tho I suppose!

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