A Conversation With Ubisoft's Matt Rose, Producer of Starlink: Battle for Atlas

The Toys to Life category of products is getting an important addition this fall, with a new game franchise from Ubisoft. The game runs on all major consoles, but has some Nintendo Switch specific content.


  1. Starlink is the game I’ve waiting for my whole life to play without realizing it. Bought all the toys, got each planet to 100%, finished the main and Wolf campaigns, and am now leveling each pilot. Could not love this game more!

  2. The first day i buy the starter pack one of the part on the wing broke $o i take it back target 😕 so i just downloaded the game no more starfoX

  3. You don’t “circumnavigate around” things. Around = in a circle. Circum = circle. Don’t be redundant.

  4. How do you feel about overpricing a game with toys , what kid is gonna be able to afford this ? While it’s cool for adults who can afford this , not so much for who it’s geared for

  5. So if you get the starter pack for $75 with 1 ship you can only use that one ship for the 25 hour campaign ? Unless what. You spend another $25 for a 2nd ship? Ships look awesome either way
    EDIT: NM found the info. Geezes. Either pay $13 for a digital ship or $25 for physical. Tempting since my.marvel chess collection is just about done.

  6. well i just pre-order all the ships plus the star fox starter pack. Man $200+ with tax. It was worth it for me 😉 going have some cool ships on my shelf.

  7. So my man said the santerians that was that shit! Y'all to Young 😂😂😂

  8. This type of game engine is exactly where Star Fox needs to go. imagine a whole Lylat system and the planet Corneria to explore and fight against Androsses forces. I am serious. Nintendo needs to team up with ubi about this possibility. because after as playing Star Fox in this game, it would be a regression to go back to on rail shooters in SF. This game engine has possibilities not just for the Atlas system but also many others including the Lylat.

  9. Being able to stack random shit onto your ship and it actually working seems like stupid yet wholesome fun. The kind of thing a kid would want to do.

  10. And for the love of God people, havnt you seen a woman before. she is pretty but good Lord, put it back in your pants kids!!!!

  11. As a 45 year old collector and gamer I will be honest how I saw and see this. when I first caught wind last year, I thought it was gimmicky. a cash grab at amibo fever that is designed to destroy your wallet and finances. However, this caught my attention upon the Starfox integration. then I began to look into this, the game, potential, ways of playing etc. I have to say…next to the switch, this is probably one of the most innovative ideas recently. I never got into amibo because of sheer numbers to collect. if you didn't start in the beginning, forget collecting and finding them. This is a bit different. its not overwhelming at first. the introduction packs cost the most but doesn't break the bank. addition ships and weapons are pretty reasonable. The thought and ability of playing this entire game as Fox Mcloud is a good selling point for Starfox fans and switch owners. who knows when the next SF game will arrive. the more I learn about this game and how indepth with exploring, customization, character integration..etc the more I liked this. ubi has something here.Its not just a microtransaction, you get a real toy/figure for your money. I already look forward to new planet dlc and or sequals in new stars systems, new ships, weapons and characters. it would be cool if MS had a Halo integrated version, PS owners could get a Star wars twist or something. maybe the next starlink game? great to see a nearby studio working on this in Toronto, I live only a few hours away. they really put a lot into this and to me it shows. I ordered a bunch of these and am glad to be a owner of this as a collectable. I can't wait till mid October and feel like a little kid again.

  12. Wait so you have to get these figures to be able to use them or are they just part of an addition as collectables what if i download rhe game instead of buying it physically. Do they send you the figures?

  13. It's toys to life. What us brilliant is I think this is the only video that mentions this. All others focus on game play. It's almost like they are hiding the toys to life part of it and want you to pre-order the game and find out too late. I don't blame the developers but this is worse than loot boxes.

  14. I would love this game if it didn’t make you interact with these “toys”. I just want to play the core game. Now we have to purchase these, use them during the game and store them when we are not playing. Thanks UbiSoft! How very EA of you.

  15. Idk if the lady in the background is with Ubisoft or Nintendo but if it was me in that seat, I would’ve been all over the table