A Conversation With Elon Musk

Elon Musk, engineer and business magnate, is here to talk to you about the future innovations that will change life as we know it. The conversation is incredible – and ongoing. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Some African countries averaging 9 children per woman, and we keep sending them food to feed them. We attempt to teach them to farm and they fail. All USAID food should have birth control powder as part of the deal.

  2. Humanity went from 3 billion to 7 billion in couple of decades. And human overpopulation is now  destroying the climate and killing the biodiversity from the whole planet. 
    If we go back down to 3 billion or under, that would be the best thing ever.
    Then this planet can handle us and we can live in this amazing paradise we currently have. Instead of a pile of rubbish, breathing toxic fumes.

  3. The futur i would like to see is one where human deseas are understood completely, where there is just a global reasonable happy class and robots work for it, then installation of a MArs colony in a beautiful architectural small artificial city.

  4. "I hope the AI is nice to us" Elon has seen I, Robot

    and i wish the background music wasn't so overpowering, i can barely hear Elon tha gawd

  5. The production on this is horrible. If the audio is recorded so poorly that a denoiser has to be used this excessively, then the "conversation" should not be covered up with music the same volume as Musk.

  6. What an interesting interview, though, those last words are a bit haunting…"i hope the AI is nice to us." Terminator as reality?

  7. Well played… If you asked someone else those questions, even if he answered the same, it wouldn't have been as credible as if it was Mr. Musk who answered. Well played… You earned a subscriber 😉

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