A Closer Look At Blue Origin & The HLS National Team


With NASA headed back to the Moon, they are working on a long list of things that need to be completed prior to any mission. Rather than do it all themselves, the agency is working with private companies in different ways including developing a Human Landing System. This is a vital piece of technology that helps transport humans from the surface of the Moon, up to the Gateway space station.

Blue Origin a part of the National Team, designed and developed a human landing system for future missions to the Moon apart of Artemis. However, it has not gone their way as NASA ended up picking SpaceX and Starship as the best option. Blue Origin disagreed with this decision arguing that their HLS was safer, lower risk, cheaper, and more. Here I will go more in-depth into the features of this landing system, along with Blue Origin’s opinion of Starship, NASA’s decision, and more.

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