91 | SpaceX Starship Updates – NASA Perseverance Rover Getting Ready For Mars


Welcome to Episode 91 of What about it!?

In this Episode, we will analyze the recently performed Static Fires & cryogenic tests on the SpaceX Starship in Boca Chica Texas. We will take a look at the exact procedure, leading up to Raptor ignition and what’s happened in the man time with Starship SN5. Last but not least, we will take a look at the NASA Perseverance Rover, which is undergoing last preparations ahead of the Launch window in July!

Editing: Tim Caspar

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https://www.nasa.gov/perseverance .

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  2. Place your bets gentlemen, place your bets. I have a nickle says it goes where everyone has gone before,,,,,,nooo where!!!!!

  3. Anyone else feel embarrassed by that silly animated astronaut in the cupboard? It makes my partner cringe every time.

  4. I will never forget that moment in the late 90s when those first images came back from the Mars surface. I was never so amazed to look at a rock.

  5. Anyone have the video explaining how the little helicopter can fly in 60times less air on Mars? Doesn’t compute with me.. I literally ask google and nasa says it’s impossible to fly a helicopter on Mars because literally 60times less air to keep afloat

  6. I was gonna go to Florida for vacation this summer, and had planned to go watch the launch of the Perseverance rover, but with all that’s going on right now, it seems that that is no longer gonna happen. It sucks, it would have been my first time seeing a rocketlaunch for real. Being a European, I don’t get that chance all that often.

  7. Thanks for a great program. I wonder why they keep working on the first rocket SN 1, it looks like they mount something or?
    thanks again for a great program.
    Per Dines Petersen

  8. Why the sensor cords on the engineers? What data is being collected? Are they to measure whether they're working or not?

  9. I wish they used the Falcon 9 to launch Perseverance. It would gain more hype and people will actually watch the launch. Who even watches ULA launches

  10. Hey Felix, are you going to cover the OTV-6 launch on 5/16/20? Scheduled for 12:24pm EDT, It will carry the first experiment to convert solar energy on orbit into radio frequency microwave wireless power and beam it to the ground. The test is designed by Paul Jaffe at the Naval Research Lab. Space solar power for clean base load use has been a dream since Asimov wrote about it in the 1940s and Peter Glaser and Bill Brown did developmental work on it in the 1960s.

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