67 | SpaceX Starship Updates – Kennedy Space Center SpaceX & Blue Origin Update


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Welcome to Episode 67 of What about it!?

In this Episode, we will take a look at SpaceX’s progress in finding the right patterns and welding methods for bulkhead construction. SpaceX’s focus in Boca Chica right is to find the best solutions for the construction of the primal structure of Starship SN1. We will also take a look at Blue Origins progress at Exploration Park and SpaceX’s latest progress at Kennedy Space Centers Pad 39A.

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  1. Flux core welding is good but not prime if you have a structure around you to block most of the wind I would say dual shield welding would be the best.. what would be better just for penetration and for a globular transfer method would be stick but it is a major slow down from mig welding.. I'm guessing they are using a short circuit transfer method for thinner metal it is fine usually anything under 1/8 inch…. But if they use a spry transfer method i believe it's better than stick (just in my opinion). It could help with strangthing the hull… Not very common to use out of flat welding position… But knowing they love speed at space x and knowing what they are paying I'm guessing nobody brought up pulse welding for them… That would give them the best of both worlds and they would be able to use it in all positions and on thinner material with a better results for penatration.

  2. 60 years ago, Jan 25 1960, NASA launched the Echo One Mylar balloon into earth orbit. It was a 100 foot diameter balloon satellite used as an experimental platform for bouncing micro wave radio signals. And the next night my family went out in the back yard, looked up and saw it, thanks to the article in the LA Times newspaper. I was 9 years old and bitten by the space bug. Back then it was Walter Cronkite on a black & white television now it's a guy sending out space news from his home, in color. No matter what we humans do we always try to do better. Faster, higher, soon light speed will be achieved just as the sound barrier was broken…and Felix will probably be there recording it with his new equipment.

  3. Felix, because you have posted material grade and steel sheet thickness of starship tank and together with the reqired pressure of 8.4 bar I have done some FEA analysis … the material will probably see plastic strain. Seems to be dimensioned right at the edge of the feasible. Weld seams are certainly the weak point. Probably machine hammer peening (MHP) could improve weld strengh – because it reduces the weld notch effect and it induces a compressive internal stress in the weld which is mainly stressed in tension


  4. We weld 304L using lasers all day.
    Once setup and running the welds are consistent and clean. Argon cover gas. No filler.

    Admittedly the parts are smaller. About 6 inches in dia. Weld widths to 0.100 in. Penetrations to about 0.05 in. And even small gaps are a problem so precision section fit is a must.

    Our welds see one time millisecond long g loads in the two-thousand, to many thousands of g's. Plus they have to survive some nasty shake and vibe tests… I've seen parts destroyed in test. Horrible deformation of the assembly without the weld breaking is the norm.

    Btw… Our smallest welds are in the 0.01 deep x 0.025 wide range and they survive high g's too. As in never seen a good one fail at the weld.

    Point being lasers make solid clean welds, without filler.

    I wonder if a robotic arm mounted fiberoptic array weld head could do these large welds better than tig… etc. Or at least cleaner.

    Maybe with a 2 in dia heater beam surrounding the penetration beams. One deep penetrating beam guided by the vision system to stay dead nuts on the seam. And two wider slightly defocused beams to control the nugget width, and premelt the surface to about 20% deep.

    Just thinking out loud here.

  5. Seeing how this develops.. it gives me the chills every time. It's like watching the modern version of the Saturn V being developed. And SpaceX makes us part of this deliberately by doing this in the open. I so much love that company..

  6. Shout out to all fabricators / welders ? I'd so love to work their , my end of the job is vessels for off shore oil rigs distillery tanks gotta love it, experience of its own?

  7. Musk is so full of shit! The 'average' person can't afford to buy nutritious food so how the hell will they afford to go into space?

  8. if you look behind the left column you will see a couple of shipping containers, therefore size of columns will be more like 3 meter diameter

  9. Great update today, perfect length for my work break with a cup of tea! Many thanks! Going to be exciting to see Blue Origin ramp up. Could be a great battle in next couple of years.

  10. Have you ever given any thought to a Ultra heavy first stage booster? Like a Falcon Heavy, but using three Super Heavy boosters, with a stretched Starship for extra cargo room. It could be awesome when used to lift large Space Station chunks to orbit. An easy 330+ tons to anywhere.

  11. I think SpaceX has proven getting day laborers from Home Depots to do your welding is a cost effective way to get things done. When Starship Mk I blew up, definitely because of it's non-professional construction, no worries, we can build another, and another, and another…the 5G satellites are being deployed, everything else is marketing.

  12. Why hasn't Brilliant.org come up with a computer modeling program for starship dome construction? Doing it on a computer could save countless throwaway attempts to learning experiences on the ground.
    When I built a stainless arch on the back of my boat, welders told me right up front that TIG welding was the best but it needed a windshield to keep the wind from blowing away the protective gases. Why has it taken SpaceX weeks or even months to come to the same conclusion?

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