5G Satellite Internet coming to the world soon. Who will be first? Wireless Tech Q & A.


Worldwide 5G Satellite Internet coming to the world, who will be first ? How does it work? tune into the livestream to learn more.
Wireless Tech Q&A Channel, Welcome to the SMT Nation (Sneed Mobile Tech, Carlos S Tech & RFK Tech) Congrats on 500 Subs Carlos S Tech
We are a group of You Tube Tech channels working together to inform teach and help consumers with the truth about wireless carriers.
I will be making videos and livestreams very soon to get your the truth about the carriers, and bring news about whats changing and coming up.
Just hit 100 subscribers in 19 days thank you everyone for your support.
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  1. I only got to catch the start when my phone died so I'm going to have to watch this one on replay

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