5G RF Interference On Satellite TV

Is the Sky Falling for C Band, again? There is solutions to 5G interference and we discuss that!

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From TVROSat

“Our sponsor Tek2000.com has asked me to post this because people on other forums without an understanding of basic physics and antenna theory are posting nonsense about the end of C-band satellite due to 5G.

Satellite AMC-11 at 131°W is being retired and American program suppliers are moving their content to 101°W. Satellite 135°W was retired last year and it appears 133°W, 127°W and possibly 125°W will be retired in the years ahead when they run out of fuel. I doubt they will be replaced.

In case you haven’t noticed, the American program suppliers are migrating everything to orbital slots between 91°W – 107.3°W, with SES-1, SES-3 and SES-11 being filled to capacity. :thumbsup They are doing this presumably to mitigate any interference issues that may arise from the launch of 5G wireless in 2020 and beyond. The theory behind this move is that the larger the look angle of the ground antenna, the lower the potential for terrestrial interference. This is because in addition to a primary lobe that is aimed at the satellite signal, antennas also have side lobes that pickup off-boresight terrestrial noise. Fortunately, these side lobes have gains that are -10dB, -20dB, -30db and -40dB down from the main lobe (every -3dB means half the gain). It also means that the higher in the sky the antenna is pointed, the less likely it is for terrestrial interference to enter the 2nd, or 3rd lobes and might only enter the 4th, 5th and other lobes which have extremely small gains and won’t interfere with the satellite signals. If the ground antenna has a small look angle, it is possible for terrestrial interference to enter the 2nd or 3rd lobes and give it sufficient gain to lower the SNR of the satellite signal and cause problems. In this case, some sort of filter or TI shielding will be required.

For those of you who have a ku LNB on a large dish (e.g. 12ft), you have probably already encountered the 2nd lobe when you hit a ku satellite and can just barely lock it. After you drive your dish just a bit east/west, the ku signal gain jumps dramatically as you hit the main lobe. This also occurs with C-band, but you need a much larger dish to observer it (e.g. 16ft or greater). If you have ever experienced this, then you will understand how terrestrial interference enters your dish.

So now that we understand the physics of side lobes and the potential for interference, let’s investigate antenna look angles.

1. In general, the closer your are to the equator, the larger your look angle. :thumbsup

Look Angle = 90° – Latitude

2. The closer you are to longitude 101°W, the larger look angle you will have when tracking 91°W – 107.3°W. :thumbsup

3. The further north or further east/west of longitude 101°W you are, the smaller the look angle. :thumbsdown

One more thing we need to emphasize. Larger antennas have smaller side lobes relative to the main lobe. Therefore, the potential for any kind of interference is reduced when a larger antenna is used, all other things being the same.

The map below shows all this pictorially and recommends the C-band antenna size you should select if you are just getting started in this hobby. It is worth noting, that after these satellite changes (i.e. moving most programming to around 101°W), ground noise interference (same theory applies) will also be reduced for most ground stations, which means, in theory, C-band satellite TV reception for most will be BETTER when 5G becomes common place. And faster channel changes and less wear-and-tear for your actuators too!”

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  1. You want to distance yourself from any anti-cellular groups. In NYC, a building owner set up a decoy Cell tower with wooden antennas and garden hose cables. People immediately got sick from the imaginary microwave signals. Local radio rules and zoning go looking for victims.

  2. In our countries, C-band satellite such as Palapa D at 113°E and Telkom 4 at 108.2°E still used by Indonesian people to get FTA satellite channels.

    And Ku-Band satellite such as Measat-3 (91.5°E), SES9 (108.2°E) was used by some paid TV providers in Indonesia.

  3. not only does 5G kill the C-band signal, but LTE I have been without a signal for two years in C-band due to LTE interference above 3.7 Ghz
    It all depends on the GHZ and power used by our internet operators.

  4. Hi there. I don't have a Cu band, but I don't see any issues in the Ku band. I'm also a fan of OTA TV and YES, I have been having issues with the reception. Unstable signal that keeps going up and down. May happen continously or sporadically. HOW DUMB CAN THE DESIGNERS OF THE 5G BE? I am currently located in central Massachusetts.

  5. yes in south texas where i am , i do notice only a few satellites got weaker…on 43w usually was the strongest back then for 8 foot but now its cut in half for me…i been using many techniques ,, diseq switch change out and 5g filters …all does is limit the noise while also i run more than 50ft cable by using Satellite In-Line Amplifier, and it only work when you connected close to LNB and to its diseqc switch…75ft, i be honest its how far from dish to main box where to connect another disqec Uncommitted main switch 1.1, where i branch into 3 dishes…since i planning to remove 5ft for 10ft for 101w arc to 113w…cause the way i do mine is trying to replace both 5ft and 7ft while merging both in same direction, since 113w is very lonely on 7 foot dish, it need a family of 101w, 103w …then circle complete , while saving space on my yard same time, cause 7 foot is blocking 8foot is probably the problem where 58w to 43w is pointing eastern ..due to my bad habit .to be very stationary guy love multifeed configurations who depend majority the side lobe sats from either side from center lobe…thats what tvrosat is talking about to make the concern for us who are very enthusiast loved to be challenge with more than one feed on big dish , i wonder have you ever thought using the 4 LNB scaler you bought with your 8 foot?? ever tried it …problem on my end….i pretty sure the nose cone won't fit but what i did..is use water proofing method …STUF Dielectric Waterproofing Grease and weather boots on my coaxial connections…i thought everything what i can come up with…and really its best i can do for 43w….its really goner for me, and problem with it…sure not want put that on my roof…thing its heavy for 125ib steel solid aluminum dish., and don't have insurance for it if something bad happen, so i left on ground …least i can still receive channels i want even its not all hd i get with only 2 success transponders with hd channels…while rest just SD….but next satellite 47W is very small package it has..that is center to lower eastern arc…that contain many hd channels …good hd movie channels…but my surprise circular works better than linear or just me that saying…i really don't know if circular have no interference since 5g and wifi used linear spread ….who knows..while on my far right side lobe….its strongest satellite 58W on my end…i get all transponders with minimal 10.7 on weaker ones while strongest ones high as 12.3 SNR on 8 foot dish…pretty good but it easily gets lost from error alignment adjustment from 43w and 58w…both are 15 degrees apart from center lobe…thats how interesting i do my satellite …trying get more throats on my dish…least 4 feeds….65w KU band is very easy…there is one channel if you heard of NCN tv channel …shows latest movies for free but feels like recorded feed due to bad audio quality …but i do miss many open channels just went away for awhile year ago…thats only thing i hate about Ku band…its never permanent for channels you get on cband on other satellite and migrated Ku band…everyone thought its good news..but for me…yeahhh…not gonna be sure its gonna last…due to what you said…evil dish network company still EVIL for not sharing anyone on that spectrum…WHAT OF DICKS THEY ARE ….lucky they left the cband spectrum back then…we all probably be dicks with them …if we owned the spectrum for ourselves but honestly who can with $billion dollars that government controls all sales….who can and who will not get..its very unfair for everyone

  6. This is interesting. I have a low powered analog UHF ch38(CHCH) station near me yet I have had to upgrade the antenna to a very directional deep fringe type yet it's 5 miles away. I wonder if these cell towers are the reason. I used to receive this station with a simple loop with rabbit ears. I know it's not a satellite system but off air situation.

  7. I got into the hobby of FTA and got a KU-Band dish to play around. I am thinking of getting a 10ft C-Band dish, per watching this video, ?maybe the diginets and maybe other channels go to KU-Band?, should I go this route or still stay the KU-Band route? Thanks

  8. Hi, an other part time a bit older Canadian Sat nerd here 🙂
    As I have wrote about on Tvrosat.com, I had an issue with frequency interference too. Everything was up to spec, kinda. Actually the Utility provider here contacted some folks to do some pruning by the road where my 10 foot grey dish is located. Change everything mostly.

    The poor man's spectrum Analyser (frequencies swamping receiver function) showed me a recurring momentary signal drop of certain frequencies resulting in a receiver glitching on certain adjacent transponders. It was significant on big reliable FEC transponders because it has more payload provision.

    I thing the problem was wave scattering and ground issues. The thing is… I need to put an other house ground rode by the dish. Its far from the house wich is by the like.

    BTW, the use of the samsung tabled you did by your dish wont change nothing. It has to send the signal (uploading). Try streaming from a laptop stuffs tru a router with a a wi-fi yagi antenna crossing the dish in the 2.4 Ghz (54bps), I think it will do 🙂

  9. North America should switch to Ku band completely it would be easier for the average people to install a satellite dish, especially for those who live in rural areas And Ku should be on the 10.75 to 12.75 GHz frequency range to fit more channels especially 1080p and 4K. Here in Europe with an 80 cm dish you can receive many satellites. Let's not forget that it's very cheap. Here most people can afford a FTA satellite equipment. I remember when Europe turned on the 4G LTE and if you had an old antenna that was designed for UHF you had to buy a 4G LTE filter. After 2013 all the UHF antennas on the market have a 4G LTE filter built in doesn't matter if it's an indoor or outdoor antenna. Even the LNBs for the Ku band have a 4G filter. The old LNBs are useless. Now with 5G you have to buy a filter and the irony but it's not available yet in the stores. P.S. Electronics and technology is my hobby but I hate 5G especially what damage can cause to your health,

  10. I understand you not gonna respond to Europe things. But you are so right with the correct aligment on stars moon sun….thats how it is to receive these UK channels in Sweden 😂 Even where you place the dish can do big miracles. Uk have its UK beam 😕

    But I really love the tv system in UK and the German speaking countries!
    So so so many free channels!

    This is how it should be!

    We have an Nordic sattelite on 5 East that is like the UK beam. Very strong in Nordic countries and some Baltic countries, but very weak or impossible outside in other parts of Europe. But still almost all channels are encrypted there 😠 only 2 christian channels and some Ukranian channels on that sattelite.

    In Finland they transmit for free in terrestial almost 20 channels including some premium channels like National Geographic and TLC that is pay tv in most countries even in UK 😉

    But Germany is the king….no stupid one country beams and so many good channels and yeh German online stores sell quality sattelite things in good prices even to Sweden 😆 maybe the only bad thing is that they dub everything to German. Anyway I have learned my German mostly from tv 😂 and they also transmit Formel 1 for free this is pay tv even in Finland 😉

    Then my internet company try to sell their expensive tv boxes and subs to receive some basic Swedish channels where you pay and still need watch adverts 1/3 of the programs. So I guess Sweden is like Canada….. people ask me is not sattelite dead etc….then they pay astronomical mounts of money to watch commercial tv.

  11. The closest cell tower by me where my c band is is 5 miles. I haven't so far had issues yet even for the Eastern satilltes that come in a little weaker for me like 55w that like just say 91 west. And I got a cheaper lnb at the moment that I'm using when I set the dish up last year but I do have the same lnb that you have in the box you showed that I have in a box yet too yet. Are those good for weaker signals or the L and R signals?

  12. I have spent a lot of hours dealing with a similar issue. Ultimately I had to measure the dish and calculate the focal point. I ignored the spec sheet on the dish. What I found was the focal point calculated was shorter than spec sheet claimed by almost 0.25 inches, so I needed to lower the feedhorn (using longer bolts and added a few washers , being mindful that the feedhorn must be level) then the precisely readjust the scaler ring. I believe the root cause of problem was the feedhorn struts were either installed incorrectly or they are too long. The problem has now been eliminated and I have much better C/N ratio and quality Hope this helps 🙂

  13. Freeview is received by an antenna freesat is the satellite TV service in the UK 🇬🇧 just correcting you!

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  15. I'm not a bot, and I want to say "thanks" for the video. You remind me of myself 10 to 15 years ago. I was hugely into satellite, both C and Ku band. I even went as far as working on firmware for one of the legit FTA receiver manufacturers (not the hack crap). Life got busy and I eventually stopped using my C-Band dish. I still have a motorized Ku system, but still toy with the idea of tinkering with a mini-BUD. I'm also looking to tinker with OTA reception. With all of this covid-19 virus going around, there is a lot more time spent at home, getting back to some of the fun hobbies from years ago. I appreciate your content. (and I actually waited thru the entire commercial to make sure you get paid 🙂 ) Take care.

  16. Are you using RG-11 cable for your runs? That extra signal might help get those weak signals on your 8 ft dish.

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