3 Days without Electricity =Starlink =Telsa,Trumps Birthday



  1. Don't bash people as I bash people. Everyone else is bad.. mel k charlie ward…etc….don't you think patriots should stick together…instead of everyone talking shit about everyone else
    I'm out

  2. I agree that public fights are not good for the movement but riddle me this….if your kid was hanging around bad influences…would you want someone to tell you?

  3. Your info is always earlier than anyone else's. got me in trouble in the beginning because it is so early. Now I know to just start hinting at stuff ahead of time and slowly bring it into the conversations.

  4. This ladies reputation is toast. Watch the frog news network tonight at 9:30p as it is revealed what a no good, divisive and manipulative which this woman really is.

  5. Who are you talking about? Man with the card reading and numbers talking bad about you? I don’t want to ever watch them again. That’s why I want to know. You’re a wonderful person Cirsten!

  6. I hate to see Patriots arguing. We need to stick together during this time. Everyone is under stress. I believe people don't like all of the drama. We love your intel and show. I hope the drama dies down. Everyone needs to be respectful to each other. There is to much fighting among the patriots.

  7. As I said on his channel, I would apologise for my part of the drama, pray for him and and ask God for forgiveness
    Sometimes we do things we might not see….I have. God Bless you.

  8. So when does the 3 days of no electricity come? Sometime this month? I don't know if my brother will be able to live with no TV. How are we suppose to keep our food refrigerated?

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