2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness – POV Review


MSRP: From $36,995
Towing capacity: 3,500 lbs
MPG: 22 city / 26 highway
Tire size: P225/65R17
Engine: 2.4 L 4-cylinder
Horsepower: 260 hp
Dimensions: 191″ L x 73-75″ W x 66-67″ H
Optional equipment:
$1845 Starlink 11.6″ Multimedia Navigation System – Multi-Touch High Resolution Display, Over the Air Map Update Program 3 years free.
Power moonroof w/Slide and Tilt
Reverse Automatic Braking

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The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones, headphones are highly recommended!

Here’s the equipment I use (with affiliate links):
-GoPro Hero8 Black
-Night drives are filmed with the Insta360 One R 1-Inch Edition:
-Binaural Audio – Roland CS-10EM Microphones
-Connected to & powered by the Zoom H2n recorder
-Don’t forget the Hat Clip mount for that perfect POV angle:

Sound system test track playlist:

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  1. Amazing review! So many videos show off every little feature as the car is stopped dead in a parking lot, or flying thru a trail at silly speeds. Great to see how the car handles at normal everyday driving! Thank you!!

  2. really good call for calling slow touchscreens on cars as DANGEROUS – and that's the angle (to get them improved)

  3. My only complaint about this Outback Wildness is there is no option for Harman Kardon speakers.

  4. how's outback compare with 4runner ? i am kind of on the fence.

  5. If you're looking for an ergonomical Subaru, get the Impreza, Crosstrek, Forester, or Ascent while you still can, before Subaru redesigns those

  6. I just purchased a 2022 impreza sport hatchback…. I want this outback,i love it

  7. Personally I find the Wilderness trim turned a good looking wagon into the ugliest vehicle on the market. Tall tippy tyres on a wagon, nasty vertical wheel cladding, large swaths of gray on the face and back. Just awful.

  8. If you think you're using CarPlay on a screen from 10 years ago, wait until you plug an Android into that beast…

  9. Wife and I test drove this the other day. We'll likely put in an order as it's almost a perfect balance of gas mileage for the ~45mi commute to work, safety for the upcoming baby, and being able to traverse anywhere we might need it on our 30ac property. Could probably haul a decent enough trailer if we ever needed it to as well. Still, 100% agreed on the screen. Almost had to slap my wife's hand while she tried to adjust the seat heating level on the screen while driving. I'd honestly go back to all physical buttons if I had a say in any of these new makes, but it seems easy enough to just employ some safe practices and accepting the limitations of the touch screen while driving.

  10. HEY THIS IS FOR SUBARU Future Owners !!!

    This car have less memory than a jellyfish,
    If you set up the Auto Start Stop off then you have to do it EVERY FREAKING TIME! that you turn on your vehicle same thing with the AVH.

    Tom Tom navigation package is so dated that my Microsoft navigation of 2004 on my laptop had more features than this useless Navigation-system

    The wave feature on the back to open the Trunk is so smart that it works when she wants .

    CarPlay still not wireless! so why they offer wireless charger?

    And stay away of the Wilderness trim . The skid plate from Subaru is like aluminum foil.
    But if you put the after market you void your warranty.

    They try to make lighter by sacrificing the bodywork, it is so thin that you don’t want layback in any door or you may will dent it.

    Look under the driver seat and you see how they do this car, you can see layers of insulation exposed.

    And many others things that for 42k that I paid should it made so much better; my drone or my phone have more advanced technology than this car.

    The sad part is that Toyota Honda and now Subaru turned down their quality that is not worth it to spend so much money on their cars.

    SUBARU Made in Singa-poor) just labeled as Walmart Underwear.

  11. has anyone ever used the stupid flap in the trunk? honestly everyone i know takes it out and throws it in storage somewhere

  12. The CVT complaints are mostly unjustified if you drive the car a few thousand miles. The transmission learns your driving habits, so the jerky, rubber band effect effectively goes away the more you drive it. You'll definitely feel it more if you're driving a brand new car with very few miles on it and it's a production car that dozens of different drivers are testing out with different driving habits. Maybe you feel like that adjustment period is a valid negative, but if you're the sole driver, I don't think it's a deal-breaker.

  13. Honestly ive never seen tall oriented apple carplay before that looks amazing

  14. I wish it was available in the Fire Engine Red color like the Crosstrek. Im going to trade in my 2015 Forester Limited with 27,800 mi for this Outback Wilderness.My Forester 2.5 na is way to slow and dangerous for merging on highways with 4 people on board.

  15. one thing i didn't hear you mention is the built up CVT. subaru put in a much beefier and higher load rated CVT with a much higher clamping force. a CVT will always be a CVT in terms of slushiness or squishy response but off roading, in theory a cvt would be better because it can give you the exact gearing you need vs what a traditional automatic trans could do. reliability hasn't been proven yet because it's a new thing as it seems but i can imagine subaru did at least a decent job with it. i think i'll trust subaru this time around

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