2 Funny Astronauts – LIVE Q&A – Virgin Galactic vs Blue Origin


Commercial Space Flight is HAPPENING SO LETS TALK

Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, Space X, China and much more

  1. I couldn’t hear the guy asking questions on Spotify. Also you guys voices were split Left and Right, it sounds better mono, so it was kinda odd. Just some constructive criticism, love these Q&As. Liked n subscribed 😉

  2. Two college professors arguing about where they did their PhDs…speaking of pissing contests…

  3. NO THEY ARE NOT ASTRONAUTS. They are not afraid of heights, water, speed open spaces or making aquariums for their Jellies to swim in. 😂😂😂

  4. It's a ride. Branson might as well hire a mouse. Poke your head above 50 miles and la dee da, you're an astronaut? It's like driving up Pike's Peak and getting a medal that says you've climbed one of Colorado's fourteeners… As someone whose Dad was one of the first 13 engineers to move to Houston in 1963 to build the Mission Control Center, and growing up in El Lago, down the street from Neil Armstrong, Ed White, and Fred Haise, and down the block from Donn Eislie, Tom Stafford, and Bill Anders, I am highly offended by this. Astronauts are about discovery, not joy rides. Even Christa McAuliffe, Teacher In Space, had serious assignments had that crew lived to fly their mission. Rides are a legitimate thing to do. It will become more and more common and cheaper. But it is a joy ride. Or maybe eventually really fast trans-continental flying. That's fine. But you're not an astronaut. You're a Disney, er, uh, Virgin park guest. I like the title y'all suggested: astropassenger.

  5. Garrett does the math on speed and gets 16 times the energy for the orbital flight. But the mass part of that equation is also going up exponentially because you have to take all the fuel you need to get 16 times the energy up with you. And then that is more mass, so that needs more fuel for the mass portion of the equation… so more fuel, which then needs more fuel… That's why the Saturn V was so big! It was all fuel!

  6. Another excellent broadcast… Hey Garrett, I thought Scott Kelly had you beat on the F-bomb scale. He called them FCC violations 💣

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