107 | SpaceX Starship Updates – Why a hop will happen this time!


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Welcome to Episode 107 of What about it!?

In this Episode, we will take a look at SpaceX’s progress on the Super Heavy High Bay. We will also take a look at the ongoing work at the new Super Heavy and Starship launch pad and last but not least, we will take a look at first preparations for the Starship SN5 150-meter hop!

Editing: Alex Potvin
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  1. If they (nosecones) are for super heavy it would not make sense. It must learn flight characteristics based on a mass the shape and size of starship. Flying a booster without a nose one makes more sense as it is the landing configuration.

  2. you don't rock. your statement, after so many failures. you just don't get it. Design tests are used to find problems and resolutions to same.they are not failures !

  3. Haha, it is funny how you can always tell the exact moment when he switches from his updates and tries to go 'fluently' to the sponsor talk 😛

  4. Should be more focused on interstellar engines and sending something on proxima centauri. Planets are in perfect condition and earth like. Should be Alien life. In animal form at least. Mars is dead and Elon is trying to get into history books fast.
    We are starting on wrong places.

  5. Lol that “worker” was just a concrete truck driver cleaning out his chute. Usually something done in a spot out of the way where nothing is going on and the contaminants from the truck are contained.

  6. I do like your report – but now it looks like a advert page for this or that….stay on focus bro …..all is not about money on you tube…

  7. Elon has not really located the lift-off site adjacent to the tank farm has he? Tank farms have lots of expensive plumbing requiring myriad welds certified for astronomical pressures and range of temperatures. Repairs could be slow and expensive assuming a major explosion does not total the site.

  8. I think those windows will go at the top of the new super heavy high bay.
    I mean Wouldn’t you want to enjoy the view from the top of that?

  9. Adam Savage must be feeling good about the k-noodling going on at the construction sites. You gotta love that efficiency includes conveniences for employees.

  10. Why the explosion does this mean that spacex dosn't have the technology right if so then why are they building more starships on the old design?

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