10 Most Economical Private Jets

Buying real estate and an aircraft have at least one thing in common: buyers are unlikely to satisfy all their needs and wants with a single purchase, so they must compromise to some degree. In the case of an aircraft, there always seems to be a trade-off between payload, speed, and mission. Aircraft salesmen pitch that a specific model can satisfy every need, but the truth is that this philosophy rarely translates to operational efficiency across a wide range of operations. For example, a large-cabin jet with a flight attendant, and satellite Internet connectivity might work well for flying several passengers non-stop across the North Atlantic. However, this is not the aircraft for an ideal CEO of a small company on a 500-mile day trip operating out of rural airports. So, if you have been looking for a private jet, you’ve probably noticed that many jets require a two-person crew. Of course, that second pilot increases your operating expenses. Imagine the savings of being free to hire just one pilot rather than two or just fly the jet your jet yourself. In this video, we present to you the top 10 most efficient single-pilot jets.
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  1. A question: when you say "miles per hour", do you meen terrestrial miles or nautical miles. In the aeronatical community "knots" is the right term for velocity and Nautical Miles is the appropiate term for range. "Miles per hour " is a bit confusing. Thanks for the info. Cheers from NE patagonia, Argentina.

  2. Another good vidéo of you ! You scribe the technical description it's well ! For the people like me who their english in not good ! Bravo continue ! Kiss from France ! ?❤️✌️

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