10 Billion Dollar Blue Origin Bailout? TEN MILLION bucks a minute to fly with Jeff Bezos?


The Angry Astronaut discusses the insane bidding war going on for the first seat on New Shepard, and, more importantly, the bipartisan bill moving through Congress that would award up to $10 billion for the Blue Origin/National Team HLS.

Is there a better option? Yes!!

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The Senate passes the highly controversial bill

Dynetics achievements…WITHOUT billionaire help

Dynetics passes the PDR

NASA’S strange Post-PDR analysis

  1. People just laugh this kind of shit off, but if you get paid a dollar more an hour than them they get super pissed. Makes no sense.

  2. biggest laugh was calling China communist. They're better in being capitalistic then the USA which invented radical unbound capitalism.

  3. "I look down upon the earth and I think that is the same Earth of Mozart and Shakespeare…. Hmmm…. I think I will impose short bathroom breaks on people"

  4. The best way for the government to pay for the additional NASA HLS budget is a special tax one time tax on pandemic profiteering via on-line sales. A total win-win solution for Biden and the Democrats.

  5. Elon should just land a lunar starship on the moon without nasa. Beat besos to the moon. Even if the lander doesn’t return.

  6. What makes me angry is the stupid fixation on landers.
    What we really need are space elevators not landers.
    Achievable with currently available materials for moon applications.

  7. First of all: I am glad not to be an U.S. tax payer! But a Dutch…
    Now, the whole thing is about what do U.S.politicians want to achiev on te moon?
    Short term boots on the ground or long term multiple bases and colonization.
    Boots, thats about glory. The glory to do that before the Chinese. To show that the U.S.A. still is the greatest country on this earth. And I think that U.S. politicians mainly think about short term glory. Because politicians only have a short term.
    Politicians don't see a problem in a long ladder. They only see the picture of a U.S. boot printed into moon dust again after 50 years.
    A long ladder is even better! It imagens the long and hard way to get boots back on the moon, U.S.A NR 1, AGAIN!
    Made possible by the National Team! Its like a wet dream for a politician…
    Using the Dinetics Alpaca as a cheap way to find the best places for a base on the moon like you mentioned. Its 2021! It all can be done without astronauts, much cheaper!
    Putting bases on the moon, colonizing the moon… its only gonna happen if there is a profit to be made.
    The reason for Amerigo Vespucci to sail across the ocean was to achiev greater glory then Columbus.
    The reason why America was colonized ? A search for more profit.
    I see myself as a "spaceidiot" dreaming about exploring the solar system. Allot of us do.
    Some "spaceidiots" with extremly much money are now chasing that dream for real.
    And one "spaceidiot" with extreemly much money AND in search for more profit AND with vision is creating a new kinda shipyard down in Boca Chica to create the infrastructure to facilitate Mining corporations.
    Back in the 16 century the same happened… Spain was the superpower. But in the Netherlands some Dutchies created the first multi national. The V.O.C. its main purpose: creating a infrastructure with large saleships to transfer goods around the world. And the Netherlands became a superpower.
    (and yes… I am also a history idiot)

  8. Jeff: You afraid of competition?
    Elon: Yes, but competition does not include you at all. You are just a leech. Anyway, stop wasting my time, I have a planet to save.

  9. How can you sue someone for reusing a vehicle? It's not like it's a very original idea. XDXD
    – It's just about pulling it off, and I highly doubt, Elon needed to steal anything from Jeff XD

  10. So what? It would still be far cheaper to bring Starship back to earth orbit than duplicate many trips to a satellite circling the moon that can only handle a couple of astronauts at a time and little or no equipment. Refueling is a fact of life and SX will work it all out. NASA has been working on the issue for a very long time. Even before SX was contracted to study the issue again.

  11. I wonder what the political and financial relationship is between Blue Origin and Amazon? Is Blue Origin fully owned by Bezos or is it a division of Amazon? If it is a division of Amazon then the profitability of New Shepard will go into the coffers of Amazon and not BO.

  12. Let me tell you something
    Jackass since you yourself admitted to be a moron and a funny one at that, you should know that SPACE IS FAKE
    The sooner you get with the new act the better for your future.

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