#TESLA #ELONMUSK #LITIUM The author is convinced that Indonesia cannot be overtaken by Elon Musk the child yesterday afternoon. Elon Musk’s hopes are dashed to get Indonesian nickel at a low price, unless he is willing to buy it at a decent price. Then what about Elon Musk’s plan to buy nickel from India and reportedly has signed it with New Caledonia? Let’s look at the graph of Nickel reserves below: India and New Caledonia are not even among the top 10 largest nickel producing countries in the world. The simple logic is, if Elon Musk is serious about looking for another country with sufficient nickel availability, then he will move to a country that has at least 5 or 10 top nickel producers. Basic economic law, availability if it is far below demand then the price will increase. Because this is related to long-term and sustainable business. Moreover, Tesla’s competitors in the electric car business are very many, and if Tesla loses quickly to them, there is a potential that he will run out of goods, unless the countries above do not sell nickel. But unfortunately Tesla, now there are many companies investing in Indonesia related to the business of making nickel batteries for electric cars. Not yet other businesses that absorb a lot of nickel supply such as the stainless steel business. .. Next Narration Please Visit the seword.com page https://seword.com/category/politik Also Take Time To Visit The News / Opinion Link Related To This Video. .. FOCUSDAY & POLITICAL CHARACTERS CONTAINING VIDEO OPINION FROM SEWORD.COM, OPINICAL NARRATIVE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS OPINION, PLEASE VISIT SEWORD.com OR CONTACT THROUGH EMAIL [email protected] DIFFERENT VIEWS IN POLITICS ARE REASONABLE, SO STAY SANTUY! FOLLOW FANSPAGE FOCUS: https://www.facebook.com/TOPIK-TokohP FOLLOW FANSPAGE FOCUSDAY: https://www.facebook.com/Focusday-112716187165014/ FOLLOW IG FIGURE: FOLLOW IG FOCUSDAY: CONTINUOUS SUPPORT WITH SUBCRIBE CHANNEL : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEWuRmnXVEi5aTsgSlbcedg FOCUSDAY: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkFz2BnxuI6W51P1bwPR2yw And LIKE COMENT & SHERE THANK YOU .. !! _____________________________________________ Copyright Disclaimer: – Under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976 – Every Video, Audio, Footage, Image etc in this content under terms of Fair Use, Permitted by Copyright Statute. – Every Content in this Channel for purposes such as Education, News Report, interpretation etc. .

  1. Angkat gtangan untuk Indonesia ! Mungkin Jika SBY atau Soeharto dia Akan setuju dengan Elon musk karena mereka tukang korupsi! Jokowi president masyarakat Indonesia.

  2. Si Anak Kemarin sore?

    Min min lu diselingkuhi ama Elon Musk ampe segitunya ngomong, isi video lu ini gak ada edukasi alasan dan mengapa Tesla gak investasi di Indonesia

  3. Good Sir, Indonesia punya program kendaraan listrik Nasional sendiri. Bukan buat komersial dan monopoli satu perusahaan dan satu pribadi saja. Ini buat kepemtingan negara bukan kepentingan perusahaan tertentu, yg harus untung ya Indonesia, bukan perusahaan, krn keuntungan nya buat rakyat dan kemajuan. Bravo pemerintah, tutup sudah ber urusan dengan Elon dan Tesla, kalau mau seenak nya spt kebiasaan negara asal Elom, biar saja kita lawan siapapun negara dan individu yg niat ga baik sm negara kita. Kita semua patriot yg bela negara kita, salam NKRI, Indonesia maju dan hebat.

  4. Di bawah komando presiden joko widodo…. Indonesia bukan lagi bangsa kaleng kaleng….. Presiden joko widodo uda membuat indonesia menjadi calon raksasa ekonomi dunia……. ??❤????????

  5. Ini isi videonya kok ga sama yg dibahas yak? Nyarj bagannya ga ada… Gimana ya bilangnya, bikin emosi gmna gtu… Bahasnya yg mana, videonya yg mana

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